Finally, a clear view on Europe…

By timgarrett IN Best bet articles - 16:53 Jan 24th 2019

We at KickOff have no idea what is going to happen in the next few weeks, but we do believe that Theresa May is one of the poorest Prime Ministers this country has seen. Other challengers for failing your country: Boris the Bonker, his dick is always on the job but his head never is; and the Moggster, who named his child Twatus. Ok, Sixtus, but at school which name will out? As for the shower in opposition? All they have ushered in is hatred and bilge. Their motto ‘for the many, not the few’ is really ‘for us, not for you’.

Amid the chaos, all we can do is stick to what we know best - striving to provide the clearest betting information every day. So, given that Europe is the issue, we have taken a close look at games on the continent this weekend and come up with six of the best. Good luck.

STAKE £10.00
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