Football betting strategy for 2019 action

Football Betting Strategy for 2019

By Ashley Salek - Feb 6th 2019

Whatever type of bettor you are, everyone’s looking to make a profit.

Your football betting strategy can make or break this! So, how can you minimise risk and maximise value? How can you win for the long-term?

Let’s take a closer look at the best betting strategies.

Look for Bookmaker Offers

There are ways you can win at the bookies’ expense! Let’s face it - who doesn’t fancy making a big profit while putting very little down?

There are a number of great betting sites out there, each with their own offers. These vary - from free bets to enhanced odds offers. Many of these are only available for new members when online betting, however.

Consider the Underdog

Think it’s always profitable to bet on the favourite? Think again.

This is one of the sports betting strategies that sounds ridiculous at first - but remember - even the best teams don’t always play well! Betting on football, particularly in the Premier League or the Champions League, sometimes means you need to expect the unexpected.

The advantage here is that if the odds go in your favour, you can win big returns. It’s a system that works - but isn’t necessarily reliable.

Pay Attention to Stats and Data

Free football tips are a foolproof way of ensuring you’re not placing a bet blind. These should take into account:

  • A variety of leagues across a number of markets
  • Current form
  • Past match data
  • Key attacking statistics
  • Key defence statistics

While this isn’t everything needed, it gives you an idea into the amount of research necessary for betting tips. Behind every great bet is a certain level of accurate analysis.

While nothing in football is certain, it definitely helps to have a guide when parting with your money.

Over/ Under 2.5 Strategy

This is one of the most popular football betting tactics. The reason? The average amount of goals scored in a football match is 2.5. For this reason, the over/under 2.5 goals betting market is hugely popular.

So, ideally backed by data and current form stats, you decide how many goals you think will be scored. This football strategy has many advantages, particularly when betting over 2.5 - namely that you give yourself a good chance of winning.

It doesn’t matter who scores - it’s just how many that matters.

Look for Patterns

Focus your attention to a particular team. Have they developed any patterns that you’ve spotted?

For example - do they always draw with another team?

Placing a bet following this football betting system can help you make a profit. However, it’s not the most exciting strategy.


The wincast strategy is one of the easily forgotten football betting systems. Here, you place a full time bet on two different outcomes:

  • Who will win
  • Who will score a goal

Your bet is only successful if both your predictions are right. This is similar to the double chance market.

Asian Handicap

Some teams simply have minimal chance of beating another. So, a bet in these matches won’t be very profitable - or interesting.

Here’s why the Asian handicap strategy comes in. If a handicap of -1.5 is placed on a particular team, they start the game that many goals behind. So, you get greater odds for the favourite to win, and a better chance of the underdog winning. This makes the bet much more exciting!

If the game is declared a draw with the handicap, bookies will often return your stake.


Scorecast is similar to the wincast strategy, but requires bettors to go a little deeper. You don’t just predict who will win - but the exact outcome of a match.

You only win the bet if all predictions come true - that the game will end 3-1 (for example) and which player will score.

It can be tough to predict, therefore the odds are greater, meaning it’ll often give a tasty payout.

Follow or Copy Top Tipsters

To give yourself the best chance of placing a successful bet, why not follow top tipsters? You can see what markets and leagues they’ve bet in, as well as where they’ve had the most success.

Better yet, why not duplicate a bet? Copying top football tipsters is a great way to piggyback off the success of others!

Matched Betting

With matched bets, you’re guaranteed a profit no matter what. It’s one of the most profitable free football betting systems that work.

You make money off the bookmaker’s offers and incentives!

Here, the sports betting strategy is that you place multiple wagers to take advantage of free bets. Be careful though, matched betting requires a lot of research to get it right. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could end up out of pocket.

Build a Football Accumulator

Building a football accumulator means you can select more than one match and place a bet on them all. Here, you can also bet across multiple markets, such as Both Teams to Score or Team to Score First.

There are clear advantages to this. The main one is that the odds on each selection are multiplied - often with no limit. The result? You can generate a larger profit than when placing a singular bet.

Worried one leg will let you down? Make sure to take advantage of accumulator (acca) insurance. This is offered by most of the best bookmakers around. It’s a way of making sure your bet is secure.

Getting started couldn’t be easier with KickOff! Simply add your selections to build your football accumulator, and we’ll calculate all the odds and possible returns for you in real-time.

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