Corner betting in football – explained action

Corner Betting in Football – Explained

By Dan Tracey - Jan 6th 2023

Although there are plenty of different markets that you can wager on, football corner betting has seen an explosion in popularity over the past few years and that popularity is not going to wane anytime soon. For those who are uncertain on what corner betting is, all you need to do is predict the frequency of corners in a single game.

While the corner market has become one of the more intriguing aspects of football betting and although only a small percentage of goals come direct from a corner, the attacking action is usually high in frequency. Which means it is also a rather data rich market to analyse and this data can seriously help you along the way.

In all aspects of football betting, it is fair to say that knowledge is very much power. The more that you know, the greater edge you can find over the bookmaker and the greater the edge, the greater the opportunities when it comes to winning on a long-term basis.

Cornet Betting Has Increased In Popularity

While because of higher frequency of corners compared to goals, it means there is plenty of variance when it comes to the actually placing a bet – something that you do not see in the over/under goals market. Yes, there may be the scope to go as high as over 3.5 or 4.5 goals before kick-off, but it is never something that is going to lead to double figures.


Whereas when it comes to corners, the greater spread of possible outcomes offers a greater odds spread. This means you can either go for broke and predict a larger number of corners being awarded or play it safe and bank on a smaller threshold being cleared.

For example, we can look at this FA Cup clash between Manchester City and Chelsea and assess the odds in the corner market. In this instance and in many other matches, the odds are split into two instances.

First, there will be a benchmark figure that operates in a similar vein to the over/under line. In this particular match the figure is 10. You can back over 10 corners in total being awarded and you can also under 10 corners.

Of course, there is one additional aspect to remember and whereas the over/under will use a .5 figure as a line in the sand, the corner market does not. This means you can also back exactly 10 corners in the game.

With those three options explained, the odds will look something like this:

Over 10 – 2.20
Exactly 10 – 8.00
Under 10 – 2.00

As you can see, the bookmakers believe under 10 corners will be recorded in total. With that being said, there are not massively confident in this outcome unfolding and for a slight increase in odds, you can back over instead.

There Are Three Different Options When It Comes To Corner Betting

Almost a toss of coin in terms of odds, although there is always the outlier to consider. That being the exact bet of 10 corners. As you can see the odds are far greater than the other two options and this is because it is far more difficult to land.

While a direct comparison is likely to be backing either over/under goals or a correct score. It is fair easier to choose whether a game finishes in three or more in total, than it opposed to predicting a 2-1 home win.

In the same match, the over/under odds are as follows:

Over 2.5 goals – 1.66
Under 2.5 goals – 2.20

A correct score of Manchester City to beat Chelsea is priced at 8.00. Therefore, you can see the similarities in trying to back an exact corner bet or trying to predict the exact outcome after 90 minutes.

If one particular figure serves as the benchmark for the first section of the corner market, the second section is where things get far more interesting. As mentioned before, there is a far greater possible range of corners compared to goals and the market will then open to all these selections.


Corners Over Exactly Under
4 1.02 23.00 29.00
5 1.05 15.00 19.00
6 1.12 12.00 11.00
7 1.25 9.50 6.00
8 1.44 8.50 3.75
9 1.72 8.00 2.62
11 3.00 9.00 1.61
12 4.00 10.00 1.36
13 6.00 12.00 1.22
14 9.00 15.00 1.12
15 12.00 19.00 1.07
16 17.00 23.00 1.04
17 23.00 29.00 1.02
18 29.00 41.00 1.01


With more odds on offer it allows far more wagering options and for those who like to play percentages and build their bankroll over time, this market may be perfect for you. For those who like to go for broke and try and win big but perhaps less often, there is also room for you as well.

While the beauty of the corner market is that you can use previous data to get a far more accurate steer of where the sweet spots of this table are. The best way to do this is by looking at the corner stats of the two teams that are playing.

Although this clash is an FA Cup duel at the Etihad, we will lean into each of Manchester City’s and Chelsea’s Premier League stats for the season and record just how many corners they are being awarded each match.


Team Matches Average For Average Against Average Total
Manchester City 17 6.82 2.18 9
Chelsea 17 4.71 4.59 9.29


Here we can see that both Manchester City and Chelsea average a total of less than 10 corners (both for and against). Not only does this figure also link back to the first part of the corner market but it also shows that the bookmakers have done the same level of research as us.

However, now that we know that the average total of the two clubs combined is 9.15, this gives us an exact figure to work with and if we know that nine corners is unlikely to be exceeded, we can find some margin by going a little bit higher with our predictions.

The Corner Markets Rewards Those Who Do Their Research

Which is why backing under 11 corners would give a decent balance between risk and reward. Nine is the likely figure, it allows the match to record 10 and this bet would still be a winner. By the same token we could select over eight corners instead.

If we know that nine is the usual biting point then as long as that figure is ticked off, what happens thereafter is irrelevant. All that matters to us, is that our wager of over eight corners has been declared as a winner.

By the same token you could use the corner market as an ideal way to build your bankroll over time. Again, by doing the research beforehand, we know nine is the optimum figure and the likelihood of 14 corners being exceeded is rather low.

Admittedly this may be reflected by the odds offered, but at the same time the data is pointing us in a rather safe direction. A direction that should lead to a winning bet and one that can boost your betting account.

Repeat these kind of bets with regularity and you could easily begin to rack up some solid winnings. Many have cottoned on to how the corner betting market works and are playing the numbers game. It is a game that you can now join in with as well.

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