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Football live scores, in-play betting odds and value bets for today covering all major leagues around the world, including European, North and South America and Asia leagues. Covering all major leagues as well as lower divisions with detailed match data, line ups and football betting predictions.

Win / Draw / Win

Win / draw / win bets are one of the most popular markets in sports betting. They prove popular among football fans as the market involves betting on either the home side winning, the away side winning or a draw within the 90 minutes – meaning there’s plenty to get invested in throughout the match.

We collate all the best offers and live football odds from bookmakers and use our in-depth data algorithm to create accurate win / draw / win predictions on upcoming matches across all major domestic and European competitions. So, if you’re looking to place a win / draw / win bet on major football leagues and competitions, we’ve got you covered.

Are windrawwin tips the same as 1×2 tips and predictions?

Yes, outside of the UK, this market is often known as the 1×2 market, so 1×2 tips are exactly the same as windrawwin tips. That means you can find all the best 1×2 football betting predictions right here on this page!

Why You Can Trust Our WinDrawWin Predictions

Our predictions are based on in-depth statistical analysis which includes looking at past results and current form to help you place the most well-informed bets across the win/draw/win markets. We offer analysis of likely outcomes for all major matches in all major leagues, including the Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga and the Champions League.

Double Chance

A double chance bet is almost like an insurance policy. Where a WinDrawWin bet only allows you to cover one of the three possible outcomes (home win, draw, away win), a double chance bet lets you cover two outcomes.

This gives your betting strategy more flexibility and can help save your accumulator if a heavy favourite concedes a last minute equaliser or goes down to 10 men and as a result, has to hang on for a draw.

However this flexibility means lower returns on a single bet, which is why double chance bets are a great bet to build your football accumulator. At KickOff our live football odds make it quick and simple to do exactly that.

Double Chance Bet Tips

We have new free double chance football betting tips updated daily on the site. Our double chance predictions cover domestic competitions like the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1, as well as the Champions League and Europa League.

What is a double chance bet?

As the name suggests, a double chance bet gives you two chances to win compared to a standard WinDrawWin bet. With a double chance bet you can cover two of the three outcomes of a match (home win, draw, away win).

What Does “1x” Mean In Double Chance Betting?

Because double chance betting involves betting on two different outcomes, sometimes writing the bet out can become quite long. For this reason, you’ll often see double chance bets written as “1x”, “x2” or “1”2. “1x” is equivalent to a home win or draw, “1” standing for the home team and “x” for a draw.

What Does “12” Mean In Double Chance Betting?

“12” means home or away win, “1” again standing for home win and “2” for away win.

What About “X2”?

“x2” means a draw or an away win.

When should you place a double chance bet?

Double chance bets are useful in several different scenarios.

Using A Double Chance Bet As Insurance For The Favourite

One way you can use double chance bets is to protect yourself against a team you think will win despite having an off day, going down to 10 men or missing a lot of chances.

If the favourite to win was playing at home then in this case you would place a 1x bet, because you think it’s still unlikely they’ll lose, but the away team may be able to scrape a draw if something goes wrong. This can be particularly useful when looking to build a football betting accumulator as all it takes is one slip up for the whole bet to lose.

Backing The Underdog

Backing the underdog can be a great way to use a double chance bet, especially as a single. Let’s say you think a team that is favourite to win has odds that are too short, and you think there’s a fair chance they won’t win the match. You could simply back the draw (probably the most likely secondary outcome) but you’d feel pretty annoyed if the underdog actually went on to win. A double chance bet allows you to cover all possibilities except the favourite winning.

Betting On Matches Involving Teams That Rarely Lose, Win Or Draw

Some teams, especially those with strong defences, rarely lose but might not always have the firepower to get the win. In this case backing them to win or draw would be a good use of a double chance bet. Other teams might play a very open style which could result in a win or a loss but rarely in a draw.

Finally, a struggling team might draw quite a lot of games but rarely win – this could be especially true if their defence is strong but they don’t create many chances. You might want to back their opponent to win but have the draw as an insurance.

Over / Under 0.5

Over 0.5 goals tips are great for bettors who like building football accumulators because of its low odds and high likelihood of success. If you’re the kind of bettor who loves watching the ticks pile up on a big acca then this is the market for you.

Most major European Leagues, including the Premier League and Serie A, average between 2.5 and 3 goals/match.

This means the likelihood of winning an over 0.5 goals bet is very high.

What does over 0.5 goals betting mean?

An over 0.5 goals bet just means you’re betting that there will be at least one goal in the game. As long as the scoreline isn’t 0-0, you’re a winner.

What is an under 0.5 goals bet?

An under 0.5 goals bet works exactly the opposite way. You’re betting that there won’t be a single goal in the game. Essentially, this bet is the same as a correct score/scorecast bet that the full-time result will be 0-0.

What makes a good over 0.5 goals strategy?

Just because lots of 0.5 goals bets win doesn’t mean it’s easy to make a good strategy out of placing them. As with any market, the key to making good 0.5 goals bets is finding value in the market. At KickOff we have a whole range of stats, tools and live odds designed to help you do exactly that.

Over / Under 1.5

Over / under 1.5 goals football bets require you to predict whether or not the match will finish with at least 2 goals. Over 70% of matches finish this way, although of course that varies from league to league and team to team. At KickOff we give you the most up-to-date live football odds, showing which teams have the highest % of matches with over 1.5 goals, and which leagues too.

We also rank the top over / under 1.5 goals tipsters in this market so you can simply copy bettors with a proven track record of success predicting matches with over 1.5 goals.

Over/Under 1.5 Goals Market Explained

Betting in the under/over 1.5 goals market means you are either betting on less than 1.5 goals or more than 1.5 goals to be scored in a game.

If you bet on under 1.5 goals being scored in a match your bet wins if one or fewer goals are scored. Conversely, a bet on over 1.5 goals will win if two or more goals are scored in the game.

Over/Under 1.5 Goals Odds Comparison

We pull through the latest live odds from our bookmaker partners so you can get the best price for your over/under 1.5 goals bets.

Simply add selections to our smart bet slip and once complete, you can review the available prices from leading bookies.

As you add more selections to your bet slip we automatically calculate the accumulated odds.

Then simply choose a bookmaker to place your bet with, and we automatically send your coupon to your chosen bookmaker.

How to Find Great Over 1.5 Goals and Under 1.5 Goals Bets

The odds may not always be the strongest in this market, so finding good selections is not always easy.

Over 1.5 goals bets are generally more appealing to bettors as they are active for the full game, whereas under 1.5 goals could bust at any time and destroy your accumulator.

Over / Under 2.5

Over and under 2.5 goals bets fall pretty much at the sweet spot in terms of difficulty and reward. There were roughly 2.7 goals per game in the Premier League last season, so lots of games finish with more than 2.5 goals and lots finish with fewer. This means that odds in this market hover usually around evens or just under, and there is lots of value to be found with the right information.

That’s where we come in. For each game we provide stats on how many goals each team has scored and conceded in their last 20 games, how many of their games have finished with under 2.5 goals or over 2.5 goals, their xG for the season and more detailed stats about chance conversion.

Under and Over 2.5 goals Tips and Predictions

Our free over & under 2.5 goals predictions are updated daily and include all of Europe’s 5 major leagues (the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, the Bundesliga and Ligue 1), the Europa League and Champions League, as well as some smaller leagues too.

What is an over 2.5 goals bet?

Obviously, you can’t actually have 0.5 of a goal in a game of football. So a bet that there will be over 2.5 goals in a game is a bet that there will be at least 3 goals in the game which would include score lines such as 2-1, 3-0, 3-1 and so on.

What is an under 2.5 goals bet?

A bet that there will be under 2.5 goals is a bet that there will be 2 goals or fewer in the game, which would include the score lines 0-0, 1-0 (0-1), 1-1 and 2-0 (0-2).

Over / Under 3.5

The over and under 3.5 goals market is interesting because it lies just above the average number of goals in a game which is between 2.5 and 3 in most major European leagues. This means that the odds on under 3.5 goals are quite low but can be perfect for building an accumulator with. Over 3.5 goals games are rarer but are not only profitable if you find the right one, but it means the game you’re betting on and following will hopefully be an exciting one.

What does over 3.5 goals mean?

Over/under goals markets can seem confusing, but the premise of the over/under 3.5 goals market is simple.

If you bet on a match to end with over 3.5 goals being scored you are betting on four or more goals being scored in 90 minutes.

What does under 3.5 goals mean?

Alternatively, a bet on under 3.5 goals being scored will win if three or fewer goals are scored during the game.

Over 3.5 goals selections are considered more popular – particularly as part of an accumulator – because they are live for the entirety of a game, whereas under 3.5 goals selections could bust your accumulator at any time during the match.

Over/Under 3.5 Goals Odds Comparison

It couldn’t be simpler to use our smart bet slip to compare live football betting odds among leading bookmakers.

Simply make your selections from our predictions and they’ll be added to the smart bet slip.

From there we do the hard work, giving you a comparison of prices from leading bookmakers for the accumulated odds of your coupon.

Then simply pick a bookie to bet with – or open a new account using the links to claim a new customer bonus – and click to be redirected to the bookmaker site with your coupon ready and waiting to bet.

If you’re registered with KickOff and signed-in to your account we’ll also track your bet for you and provide an overview of your betting performance.

Tips for all major European competitions

Our football betting predictions cover every major competition that counts from around Europe.

Updated daily, our predictions include games across the Premier League, Championship, La Liga, Serie and Bundesliga – as well as a number of smaller leagues from across the continent.

In total, we’ve got tips and stats across 32 leagues or competitions – which means you’ll never be short of options for your bets.

Identifying the best Over/Under 3.5 Goals Bets

While other over/under betting markets are generally more popular for the ‘over’ component, the Over/under 3.5 goals market is slightly different.

Remember goals from both sides are counted so look out for two high or low scoring sides playing one another.

Over / Under 4.5

Around 80% of matches in the Premier League finish with under 4.5 goals (i.e. fewer than 5). So while that might seem like a “safe bet” it often means that the odds are low too. Odds are much more generous if you choose to bet on over 4.5 goals and try to find one of those rare thrillers. Finding a good prediction in this market is all about finding value. And to do that, you need the best stats and experts, which is where we can help.

What does over 4.5 goals mean?

Like all over/under markets, the over/under 4.5 goals market needs a bit of explaining.

An over 4.5 goals bet is on five or more goals being scored in a game. If the total goals between the two teams adds up to 5 or more, your bet will win. This includes score lines such as 3-2, 5-0 and 6-1.

What does under 4.5 goals mean?

Under 4.5 Goals bet is for four or fewer goals to be scored in a game. This would include score lines from 0-0 all the way up to ones such as 4-0 or 2-2.

Unlike the other over/under betting markets a safer prospect (but less lucrative in terms of the odds available) is usually to pick selections for under 4.5 goals to be scored. If you want to increase the profit you can make here, you can put multiple under 4.5 goals bets together in an accumulator.

Tips for all major European competitions

Our predictions cover games across over 32 European leagues and competitions and are updated daily.

We use the latest data to calculate predictions across competitions including the Premier League, Championship, English Football League La Liga and Serie A.

All our match data is 100% accurate, ensuring you can trust our algorithm’s predictions.

Over / Under 5.5

The over/under 5.5 goals market is pretty heavily skewed – the vast majority of matches finish with under 5.5 goals. So when making a prediction on this market, you can go one of two ways – either building an acca out of likely under 5.5 goals matches with low odds, or really looking for the value bets, those rare games which finish with over 5.5 goals.

We’ve got predictions for under 5.5 goals and over 5.5 goals here so you can choose which is right for you.

Over/Under 5.5 Goals Explained

This betting market is fairly straightforward.

If you back over 5.5 goals, you’re betting that at least 6 goals will be scored over the course of 90 minutes. If you back under, you think fewer than 6 will be scored.

Terms And Conditions

It doesn’t matter what the final result of the match is or which team wins – all that matters is the total number of goals scored. If you backed the over, and the final score is 4-2, then your bet is a winner, if it’s 3-2 then your bet will lose.

All goals scored by both sides count, including own goals. Over/under goals bets run for the full 90 minutes. This doesn’t include extra time or penalties.

Sometimes, bookmakers won’t offer this market at all, so it’s essential to find the best betting site for you.

Why Is It Popular?

Over/under goals markets are one of the most popular ways punters bet on a football match. Depending on the match itself, there are some attractive odds to be found.

It can be a good market no matter whether one team is the clear favourite to win, or if it’s looking like a tight contest – what really matters is how many goals the teams usually score.

Compared to markets such as half time/full time bets, it’s much easier to predict. However, this isn’t to say you can’t make good returns. Under 5.5 goals bets do work especially well as accumulator bets though, which can improve the profit you make. This is because their low odds mean that even with multiple selections the odds don’t become so unmanageable that it’s difficult to win the bet.

These bets are offered by a variety of bookies, including William Hill. They also can be found across many different football matches, including the Premier League.


Let’s break it down – here’s an example of the type of bets that would win.


Over 5.5 goals means 6 or more being scored in 90 minutes.

So, an example of a score that would make your bet successful would be 3-3, 5-1, 4-2, 6-0.


An example of an under 5.5 goals would be 4-1, 0-0, 3-2, 5-0.