How to place a double chance bet action

How To Place A Double Chance Bet

By Dan Tracey - Oct 13th 2022

Whether you consider yourself a seasoned gambler or someone who simply prefers a weekend wager, you will surely know your way around a Win/Draw/Win bet. It’s a bet that gives you three different outcomes to choose form and, conversely, three reasons to be fearful.

For every one outcome that you back, there are another two that are aiming to work against you. There can be nothing more infuriating than seeing a Serie A leader draw at home against a relegation candidate and lose you money.

A surprise result doesn’t have to turn you from a winner to a loser, however. Improve you chances of a correct prediction by looking to the Double Chance market and following these three steps.

  1. Change the equation
  2. Minimise the risk
  3. Fixtures and fittings

Our blog is full of betting guides, and today we’re going to walk you through the ins and outs of Double Chance betting, and hopefully remove some of that doom and gloom we’ve all felt on a Saturday afternoon after a losing bet.

1) Change the equation

There are three potential outcomes in a football match – either side can win, or it can end as a draw. In the Win/Draw/Win market you’re only selecting one of these outcomes. In Double Chance, however, you’re picking two.

A big game at Anfield is our first example

The Liverpool v Man City example

If we take a match between Liverpool and Manchester City in the Premier League, the betting options would usually look something like this:

  • Liverpool to win 4.00
  • Draw 4.20
  • Manchester City to win 1.80

Backing Manchester City with a £10 bet in the Win/Draw/Win market would return £18, but there’s no margin for error. A draw would result in you losing your £10 stake, as would a win for Liverpool.

Our top tipsters would often look as this fixture from a Double Chance point of view, however, and the reasons are clear.

2) Minimise the risk

  • Liverpool or Draw 1.90
  • Manchester City or Draw 1.22
  • Liverpool or Manchester City 1.22

Here you can see that there still three options on offer, but they combine two of three traditional match outcomes and, in doing so, minimise the element of risk involved when placing the bet.

If you compare the sets of prices, you can see a notable difference between Liverpool in the Win/Draw/Win market and Liverpool or a draw in the Double Chance market. While the reason the odds have lowered because your chances of a winning bet has increased.

If we go back to the concept of margin for error, for you to get winning odds of 4.00, Liverpool have to defeat Manchester City – it’s quite literally win or bust. In order to win at odds of 1.90, however, they must simply avoid defeat.

This means the balance between risk and reward is pointing closer towards equilibrium and although the odds have shrunk, your chance of backing in a winner will have increased considerably.

Then again, you could play it even safer from a Manchester City point of view and opt for the draw and the away win. A move which would reduce the odds from 1.80 to 1.22 in the Double Chance market.

Or maybe you feel like whatever happens, one team is going to come out on top. Rule the draw out and as long as someone wins, you do too. The odds in this example have fallen down to 1.22, but at least they’re winning odds.

Double Chance betting may not be the route to a jackpot win, but it can be a useful option for those who want to win sustainably with a lower-risk strategy. As is so often the case, patience is a considerable virtue.

3) Fixtures and fittings

Like many other betting systems, it pays to do your research first and the best way to research for bets in the Double Chance market, is by having a good look at the fixture list beforehand. Should you identify the matches where teams are unlikely to lose, this is where you can capitalise.

If we take Tottenham in the Premier League, they are one of the more dominant teams in the division and perhaps more importantly, they still serve up an element of value when it comes to pre-match odds.

Not a considerable amount more than the two teams mentioned above, but value all the same and this is where you can begin to increase your profit margins across the season.

Next we look at the Camp Nou, Barcelona

The Barcelona v Villarreal example

Let’s go to La Liga for our next example, and have a glance at Barcelona playing host to Villarreal, as the odds in the double chance market look like this:

  • Barcelona or Draw 1.11
  • Villarreal or Draw 2.62
  • Barcelona or Villarreal 1.18

If the form guide is adhered to, Barcelona should not see have a sticky situation when welcoming the Yellow Submarine, and even if the Catalan hosts were to drop two points at the Camp Nou, an 11% return on investment would still be coming your way.

For our final example, we’re off to the French top flight

The Lyon v Lille example

While a further example of potential profitability could be found in a struggling team at home, playing host to a confident set of visitors. An example that may be found with Lyon playing host to Lille in France’s Ligue 1.

If we look at the double chance odds here, they look as follows:

  • Lyon or Draw 1.53
  • Lille or Draw 1.40
  • Lyon or Lille 1.30

When looking at these odds, we can see that Lyon’s home advantage is not as mighty as Barcelona’s above and although Lille might not earn maximum points, they should be good for at least one.

Which means, if you were to back Lille to avoid defeat on and they managed to do so, a 40% return of investment would be just around the corner. Repeat similar bets of this kind on multiple occasions and a lower risk strategy, quickly becomes one with additional rewards.

This blog was written by Dan Tracey for KickOff – smart betting made simple. Find more of KickOff’s blogs on our website.

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