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The most in-form football tipsters right now from the online betting community. Follow individual online sports bettors to get updates when they post a new tip.


Football Betting Community

Here are your best football tipsters. We track and rank the bets of every user in the KickOff online football betting community.

The Punterboard can be used for free betting tips if you will, as you can view and analyse the performance of any user and follow them to receive email alerts when they place a bet or a tip.

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Change the timeframe using the drop-down menu to see which bettors have been most successful over specific periods. Click the chevron next to any username to see their winning bets within that timeframe.

If you are signed-in or registered with KickOff you can click the ‘Follow’ button and you’ll receive email alerts when they place a new sports bet. You can then choose to copy all or part of their live bet.

Click on any username to visit their profile and get a snapshot of their betting performance, historical betting record and current live bets.

Free Football Betting Tips

Our Punterboard allows you to follow users who have a high success rate with placing football bets, and you can see the number of wins, their profit and yield percentage.

So when you see them placing a bet, you can think of it as a trustworthy football betting tip. If you decide to copy their bet there isn’t a guarantee that it will come true, BUT, if they have a huge number of previous wins, it could be a good indicator of their football knowledge.

It’s also interesting to head back to our Punterboard as the final match draws to a close and have a look at which lucky bettor has placed the football bet of the day!

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