Do football bets include extra time action

Do Football Bets Include Extra Time

By Dan Tracey - Oct 30th 2022

Although a Champions League knockout tie has the potential to go to extra time, most of the bets attached to it will not. With the win draw win market being made available as usual, it also means the same settlement after 90 minutes.

For example, if Bayern Munich were paired with PSG in the Champions League Round of 16 and the first leg at the Allianz Arena ended in a 1-1 draw, the tie would be evenly poised before the return fixture in Paris.

While with the removal of away goals in the past couple of years, the imbalance of European knockout football has found a recent equilibrium. Should the second leg have finished in a 2-2 draw at the Parc des Princes, extra time would soon be required.

If The Aggregate Scores Are Level, 30 More Minutes Will Be Required

However, it is the second leg score that we are most concerned about here. With the 1-1 draw already in the history books, punters may be tempted to then back PSG to earn a home win and move into the last eight of the competition.

As we now know, the tie has moved into extra time and with the threat of penalties looming large, Lionel Messi pops up to score a dramatic winner. Jubilant scenes in the PSG camp, desperation for their Bayern counterparts.

At the same time there would also be commiserations for those people who backed PSG to win. Yes, they may have won eventually but they needed an additional 30 minutes to continue their continental charge.

Which means under the terms of the win draw win market, such a wager would be settled as a loss. Even though PSG themselves were the eventual winners on the night, a bet in the win draw win market would not count in extra time.

For all intents and purposes, a knockout competition such as the Champions League, FA Cup or Scottish Cup is treated in the same manner as a league fixture and therefore, only regulation time counts.

Although for those who have wondered do football bets include extra time in any capacity, the answer is thankfully yes. Not every wager has to be resolved in 90 minutes, as long as you find the correct market.


If we go back to the same PSG vs Bayern fixture above, there are some ways that extra time or even penalties could be factored into the equation.

The first of these is the market known as win the tie/qualify. With this market, you are backing on who comes out on top once the game has ended once and for all. If you were to back PSG to qualify and they needed extra time to find a winner, your bet would be settled as successful.

The same could be said if you backed Bayern to qualify and they needed a penalty shootout to advance. However, this market can also pay out on a different outcome to its win draw win counterpart.

If there was a Champions League pairing of Manchester City and Real Madrid, this scenario could well unfold. If Pep Guardiola’s men won 2-1 at the Etihad in the first leg, it would be all to play for in the return.

An Early Goal Can Change Everything

A one-goal deficit that Carlo Ancelotti’s men would be confident of overturning at the Santiago Bernabeu. Thankfully for them, they managed to do exactly that and record a 2-1 win in the Spanish capital.

If you backed Real Madrid for a second leg win in the win draw win market, this bet would be settled as a winner. However, for those keeping score, the aggregate now finds itself at a stalemate of three goals each.

Which means Manchester City are still in the tie and backing them to qualify is not out of the equation either. As we know that Real Madrid have won in regulation time, they still need to do more to make further progress.


However, that progress has been halted by Erling Haaland and with the Norwegian powerhouse managing to silence a rapturous home crowd, his 109th minute goal is enough for City to advance in the Champions League.

This means the following:

Win draw win market – Real Madrid is the winning bet

To qualify – Manchester City is the winning bet.

While the Manchester City to qualify bet could also be made at three different junctures.

It could have been made before kick-off, as a punter feels they may be in for a rather torrid time but still have enough to eventually win through.

It could have been made during the 90 minutes itself, as the score on the night is 1-1 and Real Madrid are pushing for a regulation winner.

It could have been made in the short gap between full and extra time – an option that would likely offer more favourable odds.

Who Will Find An Extra Time Winner?



There is even a further twist to this, and you can also bet on the method of victory in an encounter such as this. If so, the method of victory market offers six different options:

Win in normal time – Real Madrid or Manchester City

Win in extra time – Real Madrid or Manchester City

Win on penalties – Real Madrid or Manchester City

This means extra time is certainly permitted for two of the six options and extra time is needed for one team to eventually win on penalties. Therefore, not every football bet has to be resolved after 90 minutes.

However, there is one thing that you should always be wary off and that is making sure you have selected the correct market before kick-off. If only because you hear countless stories of punters thinking an extra time win is the same as that of a regulation one.

After reading our guide, you will now know that this is simply not the case and if you know your to wins from your to qualifies, this is a punting pitfall that you can certainly avoid.

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