How does acca insurance work? – the complete guide action

How Does Acca Insurance Work? – The Complete Guide

By Zac L - Aug 3rd 2022

What is an ACCA?

For those of you that don’t know, an ACCA is an abbreviation for accumulator and is when you stack multiple bets winning which causes the odds and returns of your bets to stack, multiplying your return on a singular stake.

Each bet you place within an ACCA is considered a “Leg” and all legs of your ACCA must win for the bookies to fully pay out. 

There is a lot of fun to be had with football ACCAs. You get the initial excitement of selecting multiple bets to stack on top of each other. A  Win Draw Win bet is popular for ACCAs as they are the most straightforward to predict but the types of bets you can put into an ACCA are dependent on the bookmaker. 

Once you’ve selected your bets, you now have the pleasure of having an individual interest in a range of matches. ACCAs are not limited to football but they are very popular across football betting markets.

How does ACCA insurance work?

There is an increasingly popular offer from some bookmakers known as ACCA insurance.

ACCAs are a fantastic way to bet with not much money. You can stake a relatively small amount of money and get a lot of enjoyment and returns. But there is one glaring downfall. If only one bet within your ACCA, also known as “Folds”, lets you down, all potential returns are lost.

This is where ACCA insurance comes in. ACCA insurance is where a bookmaker may offer you your stake back if your ACCA falls by only one leg. If it falls by two? Well, that’s tough. Often bookmakers will say that there must be a minimum number of folds within your bet to qualify for ACCA insurance. 

ACCA insurance typically is valid if only one leg falls and will return the stake you placed as either cash or a free bet

How to build an ACCA

Deciding how to build an ACCA is half the fun of betting. It takes research, analysis, and a little bit of luck to find the correct combination of bets to put into an ACCA that’s going to be a real thrill.

You can combine a lot of conservative bets which you think are close to guaranteed. But as long-serving fans of the beautiful game will know, anything can happen. Only one leg of your ACCA has to fall for your stake to slip away. Choosing a risky ACCA is unlikely to win.

Don’t fear, some people know what they’re doing – even if you don’t quite yet. 

ACCAs & Tipsters

A popular method of informing your betting is to follow football tipsters. These are people who typically bet on sport significantly more than the average person and sometimes make a living out of it. 

Tipster Profile Example

Example of one of our tipsters

Above is an example of a tipster’s profile. Our tipster service provides you with a comprehensive range of statistics on each tipster so you can infer the type of tipster you’re following. 

The example above tells you a few different pieces of information. They joined our tipster service in May this year, have a strike rate of 4%, and have yielded a profit of £6,803 which is 895% of the stakes they’ve placed. 

The strike rate is the percentage of bets a tipster of bets that have one. So if a tipster place 3 bets and one of them wins,  they would have a strike rate of 33%. 

You can also see the tipster’s profit and strike rates. This particular tipster likes to bet on the Turkish Super Lig and wins a high proportion of their bets.

Another interesting insight is their 14-fold accumulator statistics. They like long odds on their ACCAs which is not for everyone. They’ve placed 20 ACCAs that have 14 different bets in them. This has worked out well for them but you may want to bet more conservatively, depending on your level of risk aversion or your betting bankroll. 

Summary of ACCAs & ACCA Insurance

  1. ACCAs let you stack multiple bets for one stake 
  2. There is a lot of fun in the process of building your ACCA
  3. ACCAs can make mundane games interesting
  4. You’re in control of the level of risk – more folds = more risk = higher returns
  5. ACCA insurance can save your stake in either the form of a free bet or cash
  6. ACCA insurance is typically only valid if one of the legs of your ACCA loses
  7. Tipsters are useful for either informing your ACCA. You can also copy them directly

After reading this blog we hope you’ve gained a more comprehensive understanding of accumulator insurance, ACCAs, their dynamics, and how best to create them. Our informative blogs don’t stop at ACCAs. Feel free to browse our blog page for more content. 

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