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The Best Football Betting Tips & Tricks

By Dan Tracey - Jan 29th 2023

It may be easy to place a football bet, but it can be notoriously difficult to place a winner. Which is why you may need some tips and tricks from time to time. Thankfully, we have some that will soon give you an advantage over the bookmakers and with that in mind, the six best football betting tips and tricks are:

1. Follow The Experts

2. Keep Track Of Your Performance

3. Mix And Match Your Bookmakers

4. Remove The Bias

5. Do Your Research Beforehand

6. Have Plenty Of Patience

Our magical half dozen football betting tips may not necessarily be an industry secret, but they are still often overlooked and with a greater scrutiny being placed on our advice, we are now going to make the world of wagering a whole lot easier.

1) Follow The Experts

Although you may be a novice when it comes to football betting, that should not stop you from bagging some success of your own. Especially as there are plenty of experts who are prepared to offer their insight along the way.

These experts are better known as tipsters, and they are the most studious people of all. What they do not know about the beautiful game, is not worth knowing yourself. However, for the knowledge they do possess, this is a resource that you definitely want to be tapping into.

The knowledge is shared in the form of tips and these insights are what the bookmakers fear the most. Because these tips often convert odds into profits and that is exactly what those who set the odds are trying to avoid.

Tips are usually available on two fronts. You can either receive free tips or you can decide to pay for them via a subscription service. If it is latter, make sure to look into their track record first. If they have a good one, then the expenditure can be considered an investment rather than an expense.

2) Keep Track Of Your Performance

Staying on the topic of track records, it is also useful if you keep on top of yours. If you make a spreadsheet of each bet that you place, you can start to carry out your own analysis and if necessary, make tweaks to your approach.

Carry Out Analysis On Your Betting Performance

For example, if you keep a track of the stakes that you are placing and the odds of the bet itself, it will give you a better idea of how successful you are. It may uncover that you are better off placing higher stakes on lower odds than opposed to lower stakes on higher odds.

Not only, but you can also track your win/loss record and whether your current betting run is profitable or not. If you know how much you are winning or losing, you can also know when to call it a day.

3) Mix and Match Your Bookmakers

Although loyalty is rewarded is most places, it does not necessarily pay to be loyal within the world of football betting. With so much competition on offer, it certainly makes sense to shop around the many different bookmakers.

Ultimately, these bookmakers are big business and if they are to get your money, they are going to need to attract your custom first. The best way they can manage this is by either setting the best odds or handing out plenty of bonuses.

If you stay loyal to one single bookie, a plethora of betting offers may pass you by and for this reason, you should not feel bad in changing from time to time. The wider spread of accounts you have, the more you can maximise your potential winnings.

4) Remove The Bias

One trap that football supporters must always avoid is never to bet with your head. As tempting as it is to bet on your favourite team each week, such a move may only double your agony on any given weekend.

Because although it may double the celebrations with a win, there is nothing than seeing your favourite team lose and it has also cost you money because of it. In this instance, it is far easier to remove the bias from any football bets that you make.

Always Bet With Your Head And Not Your Heart

If you can use your head instead of your heart, your thinking should be far more rational in terms of your betting strategy. Just much as you should not back your own to win, you should not simply back your nearest rivals to lose each week either.

5) Do Your Research Beforehand

Another key tip when it comes to football betting is carrying out plenty of research beforehand. Because although we mentioned that tipsters can do some of the legwork for you, it sometimes makes sense to put in the hours yourself.

If you can get up to speed on a certain league or competition, it allow you to make far more qualified bets. Not only that, but you may even find the piece of knowledge that the bookmakers have not and this could give you a massive advantage.

An advantage that is known as ‘edge’ in the industry and the more you have of this, the more often you are likely to come out on top. How do you find this edge on a regular basis? By carrying out lots of research.

Not only that, but you certainly should not bet blind on the outcome of football matches. If you are betting on a Peruvian top tier match and have never watched a minute of the South American action, there is a heavy chance that your money is soon going straight to the bookmakers.

6) Have Plenty Of Patience

While there is one tip that is arguably the most important of all and that is to have plenty of patience when it comes to football betting. Yes, you may land a massive amount of winnings on your first ever 10-fold but you could also pick 10 losers at the same time.

For those who tell you that football betting has a shortcut to the road to riches, they are being short with the truth. Instead, if you play this a game over months, if not years and look for small daily wins, the profits can build up to a decent amount of over time.

Take Your Time When It Comes To Executing Your Betting Strategy

At the same time, when the profits do start to build up, do not be tempted to place all your hard earned money on a single bet to turbocharge your winnings. You might move a few steps closer to retirement but at the same time, you may end up going all the way back to square one.

You should never stake the lot on a single bet – regardless of how much that amount is. Instead, always look to place one unit (1%) of your bankroll. It may be a grind, but it will make sure it keeps you in the game for far longer.

This article was written by Dan Tracey on behalf of Kick Off, smart betting made simple.

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