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The Top 4 Football Accumulator Betting Strategies

By Dan Tracey - Sep 16th 2022

The football accumulator (or ACCA as some call them) is arguably the bedrock of all sporting wagers. The one that the bookmakers absolutely love to take, because the chances of winning are much lower than betting on one single outcome in isolation.

Because in an accumulator, you are asking your selections to work in tandem and with each of your picks required to do the business, it only needs one leg to ruin everything – something that happens far too often.

However, all is not lost or at least it certainly should not be and with the battle against the bookmakers being a constant one, we are going to serve up our best football accumulator betting strategies.

While once armed with this knowledge, it should allow you to make far more informed selections and hopefully our football acca strategies, will lead you on the path to victory and more importantly long-term profits.

1. Ignore The Heavy Favourites

One of the biggest mistakes that punters make in the world of accumulators, is always backing the favourite to win. Although that in itself is not a cardinal sin, backing the heavy favourite usually places you on the road to ruin.

With football being the beautiful game that we all know it to be, it does have a habit of throwing up surprises and if you always back the heavy favourites, you run the risk of being caught out from time to time.

Take Bayern Munich playing at home to Stuttgart in the Bundesliga, with the 10-time defending champions being priced at odds of 1/7 to win at the Allianz Arena. A selection that is short on value and just as short on logic.

Betting On The Favourite Does Not Always Guarantee Success

Especially as in the recent clash between the two, Julian Nagelsmann’s side were held to a draw and if you backed Bayern to win on your accumulator not only would it constitute bad value, but it would also mean your overall bet was not a winning one.

Therefore, it makes sense to ignore backing the teams at the top of the table and especially when they are at home. Because examples such as the one above, will very easily turn your acca into a busted coupon.

2. Five Is The Magic Number

Although there is no golden rule when it comes to the size of your accumulator, there is a recommended size to it and in are valued opinion, five selections seems to be the perfect balance between risk and reward.

Admittedly it does need a little more work for your bet to get over the line, but it does offer a decent return at the same time. If you are going to make yourself sweat because of multiple selections, it may as well be worth your while.

If you are placing a double or treble, it strictly is not an accumulator and unless you have really hunted out the value beforehand, there is going to not a great deal when it comes to empty your bookmakers account.

While four selections on your coupon, is not going to make those who set the odds sweat too much and therefore, five is the magic number. While on the flipside to this, anything more than five selections and you are probably asking for too many variables to land in your favour.

We Suggest A Maximum Of Five Selections In Your Acca

3. A Combined Approach

One of the best ways to beat the bookies, is by having a combined plan of attack. Which means if you are going to make five entries on your betting slip, you should utilise a number of different markets in the process.

Because one trap that many punters find themselves falling into, is simply picking match outcomes for their acca and if there are a limited number of matches being played on a given evening or afternoon, the quality of selections will then diminish.

Let’s say there are only seven Premier League matches being played on a weekend and you are looking to pick five results from them. You may find the first couple of selections easy, but then you might start to struggle.

If Wolves are hosting Manchester City and Tottenham playing host to Leicester, backing Pep Guardiola’s and Antonio Conte’s men would be the logical picks here. However, if Nottingham Forest and Fulham were also squaring off, would you want to risk backing an outcome here?

Instead, you could opt for an over 2.5 goals bet in the match at the City Ground and by the same token, you could also opt for both teams to score (BTTS) when Aston Villa welcome Southampton to Villa Park.

In opting for multiple markets, you are choosing the best bets from each. A strategy that enhances your chances of winning, spreads the risk accordingly and stops you from making selections that are somewhat subpar.

4. Take Out Some Insurance

With the world of football accumulators being so competitive, bookmakers are always on the hunt for new custom and the best way to do this, is by offering incentives such as odds boosts or even insurance.

Although the bookmakers always want to maintain their edge, they are willing to offer a little back in return and with acca insurance offering you your stake bet if one leg is a loser, it is something you should certainly take.

If only because there is nothing more frustrating than seeing your five-fold go into the bin because of a last-minute equaliser and although the pain of loss cannot be fully removed by acca insurance, it will at least allow you to break even.

Acca Insurance Is A Great Way To Minimise Risk And Enhance Value

While odds boosts are also something that should not be overlooked either and with this giving punters the ability to enhance their own selections and squeeze some value at the same time, this is also part of bookie beating strategy.

Like many other aspects of football betting, it also pays to do your research beforehand and if you can use that as the bedrock for your accumulator attempts, our four strategies being used in tandem should also help boost your profit totals along the way.

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