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How Much Can You Win Betting On Football?

By Dan Tracey - Mar 5th 2023

You can win big in football betting, the biggest return ever made was £1m in 2016 – a wager that was made on that year’s European Championships. While the winner was a man called Daman Chick and he owes a huge debt of gratitude to the Portuguese national team.

Not only does he owe a huge debt of gratitude to Portugal’s superstars, but he also owes more to one player in particular. The man in question was Eder, as his goal helped the nation to their first-ever major international trophy.

A Fantastic Treble

However, simply backing Portugal to get their hands on the European Championship and backing Eder to get the winning goal, is not a combination that is going to pay out £1m – that is unless you have placed a large stake on the wager.

The only way this combination of factors pays out big is by adding another layer of fat. With Portugal and Eder already on the betting slip, Mr. Chick then also added the 109th minute for the goal to be scored.

Portugal’s Euro 2016 Win Made One Punter Very Rich Indeed

Which was exactly the 60-second segment where France’s defence was breached and with these three selections all coming good, a £5 stake was soon converted into a £1m winning bet. Jubilant scenes in the cities of Lisbon and Porto. Jubilant scenes in Birmingham where the bet was placed.

That is perhaps the biggest and boldest example of how much you can win in the world of football betting and if we are being honest, winning wagers such as these are somewhat few and far between.

Then again, there are still plenty of ways to make the bookmakers sweat and boost your own bankroll at the same time. Thankfully for you, we are going to analyse just how much can you win betting on football.

Like with many other aspects of football betting, a lot of it depends on the size of your outlay and the odds that are offered by the bookmakers. If you have low odds, you are going to need a big stake. If you have high odds, the chances of winning are subsequently lower.

Which means the first real step when it comes to winning big on football betting is by finding the perfect balance between money wagered and odds offered. Find the right equilibrium and this will offer you the best possible chance of getting the better of the bookmakers on a big scale.

Balancing Odds And Your Stake Money Is Highly Recommended

Of course, you could be someone who prefers to play the incredibly long game and grind out your winnings on a daily or weekly basis. If you are to use this method, you are going to need an incredibly big bankroll to start with.

Grind It Out

You may be someone who prefers to bet in-play and chuck high stakes on near certainties. For example, Celtic may be 4-1 up at St Mirren in the Scottish Premiership and priced at 1.01 with 25 minutes to go.

Bar an absolute disaster, Celtic will go on to win this game and if you bet £100 on the outcome, you would win £101 in return. That bet in isolation is not going to make you rich, but if you repeat this process on enough occasions and also scale up your outlay, you could strike it big in the end.

Then again, this method requires an awful amount of nerve and discipline. Nerve that your dead cert does not turn into something else, discipline because you are either putting a large portion or perhaps even your whole bankroll on one bet.

The say the house always wins and if you are going to place all or nothing bets, the chances are you will end up with nothing in the end. Which is why you need to find bets that offer value in your bid to win big.

If you can place bets that are over 2.00 in odds (otherwise known as Evens) then you are giving yourself a far greater chance of generating profitability in the long-term. Again, it is a grind but perhaps not as much as the example above.

Always bet on odds over 2.00 and all you need is a 51% win-rate to turn your account from red to black. Now you know this information, the big question is just where you should be placing bets of this size.

Value Bets Can Get Your Betting Account In The Black

The one thing you should not be banking on our accumulators that have a betting slip as long as your arm. Combining the odds on offer makes perfect sense, praying for a 10-fold Serie B special to get over the line does not.

Win Often, Build Your Bankroll

In this instance, you should look to make four or five selections for your accumulator and all with picks that are over 2.00. Soon the odds will stack up in your favour and a sizeable set of winnings could be yours.

As always, it is the balance of risk and reward which is the most important here. An accumulator that is priced in the region of 6.00 or 7.00 in terms of winnings, could turn £10 into £60 or £70 if results go your way.

Of course, £60 or £70 is a long way removed from the £1m win at the top of the article. However, you need to ask yourself, are you more likely to win often but with lesser amounts or strike it rich and never have to bet again.

Daman Chick certainly struck it rich but in fairness he is more the exception rather than the rule. With that said, there are plenty of punters who can hold their own against the bookmakers and that is because they know that they are not going to get rich in a single day.

They are prepared to play the long game and when you take this mindset, there is no real upper limit when it comes to how much you can win betting on football. Study the form guide, listen to the tipsters, and analyse the stats. Carry out these three steps and it will certainly help your cause.

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