The best football betting books – ranked action

The Best Football Betting Books – Ranked

By Dan Tracey - Jan 15th 2023

With so much online information made available, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start your betting education. While in some cases, it may actually be easier to start with some physical media.

Because even though you may have come across a handy website (hopefully ours), articles tend to be replaced, they can also be deleted, or you may have simply forgotten the original link of what you were reading.

Thankfully, these alterations do not come around when you have a good old book in your hands, and we believe we have cultivated a championship winning team of our own. With this in mind, here are our nine best football betting books:

1) How To Win Football Bets Easily, Every Time: Top Secrets, Tips And Best Strategies For Winning Big by Betting Guru – Available to purchase

The question that everyone asks, the book that goes some way to answering them. This is not a book that makes outlandish claims and in doing so, insults the intelligence of any readers. Instead, it offers straightforward and easy to use systems.

This is a very much a book that sells the concept of the long-term strategy, rather than the short-term win. The only way you can beat the bookmakers is over the course of time, give your book this time and you will be on your way.

2) The Football Code: The Science of Predicting the Beautiful Game by James Tippett – Available to purchase

The Football Code illustrates how taking the effects of chance out of the equation might help us see more clearly what is happening on the field. The inherent weaknesses and inefficiencies of the sport are discussed in this book, along with the outcomes used by professional gambling syndicates.

The most significant aspect of it is that it divulges the top-secret, data-driven strategy that one football genius utilised to earn millions of dollars in betting markets – a strategy that you could soon be using for yourself.

3) Monte Carlo Or Bust: Simple Simulations for Aspiring Sports Bettors by Joseph Buchdahl – Available to purchase

The Monte Carlo simulation, a statistical forecasting method used to estimate the likelihood of uncertain events that are difficult to anticipate from mathematical equations and one that is being used within football data circles.

It Does Not Have To Be Monte Carlo Or Bust

In addition to providing an explanation of how prospective sports bettors may utilise a Monte Carlo simulation to enhance the quality and, ideally, the profitability of their wagers, this book also solves the enigma of probability and variance that lies at the core of all gambling. A must read for sure.

4) Squares & Sharps, Suckers & Sharks: The Science, Psychology & Philosophy of Gambling by Joseph Buchdahl – Available to purchase

When it comes to the art of football betting, it is not all stats and figures that will make the difference. It is using the greatest tool that man or woman has been gifted and that is the human brain.

In this book, Joseph Buchdahl’s second entry in our list takes a deeper look at the deeper thinking towards gambling. If you can tune your thoughts after reading this book, you may have the bookmakers in a cold sweat.

5) Football Hackers: The Science and Art of a Data Revolution by Christoph Biermann – Available to purchase

Data is playing a huge part in the world of football today. Not just from an analytical standpoint but from a betting angle as well. There has never been so much data available for punters to understand, there has never been so many people who fail to understand it.

Which is why Christoph Biermann’s book is so useful and for those who consider themselves or want to be a part of the data revolution within the beautiful game, this offering will help your ability to help crunch those important numbers.

6) The Expected Goals Philosophy: A Game-Changing Way of Analysing Football by James Tippett – Available to purchase

Although Expected Goals arrived in football with an air of suspicion attached to it, it has been embraced by all corners of the game. You may not understand the concept in full just yet but if you do, it will unlock a whole new level of thinking.

Can You Crack The Code That Is xG?

Which teams are beating their expected quota of goals? Which teams are underperforming by the same metric? Work out how to measure these two and your wagers in the over/under goal markets will take on a whole new complexion.

7) Sports Betting For Dummies by Scheps – Available to purchase

We cannot all be seasoned football bettors, but we all want to be seasoned football bettors and ultimately, we all have to start somewhere. In our opinion the best place to start is by purchasing this offering from Scheps.

Like the first entry in our list, this book really strips down the concept of betting. It may be generalised at times and not purely about football. However, there is plenty of sound logic to be transferred across and we suggest you do exactly that.

8) The Numbers Game: Why Everything You Know About Football is Wrong by Chris Anderson – Available to purchase

While in terms of logic, Chris Anderson’s book does its very best to work against it. It may seem strange to try and debunk everything you thought you ever knew about football but sometimes it makes sense to open your mind.

In doing so, it allows you to see the sport from a different angle. Once you can take over factors into consideration, it should also allow you to open your horizons from a betting perspective. Could a different angle be the winning angle?

9) Data-Driven Football Predictions: Constructing the Perfect Over 2.5 Goals Betting Strategy For the English Premier League by Martin Chamberlain – Available to purchase

One of the most popular football betting markets is over/under 2.5 goals and although the bet is as easy as selecting three or more or two or less goals in a total game, there are many occasions where simplicity is not converted into victory.

Over 2.5 Goal Betting Is Incredibly Popular

However, your chances should be improved after reading this offering from Martin Chamberlain and with the author having a winning strategy in this market, it is one that you should soon be able to tap into.

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