The guide to football betting markets action

The Guide to Football Betting Markets

By Dan Tracey - Dec 23rd 2022

With there being so many football betting markets to choose from, it gives punters an incredible number of different ways to try and beat the bookies. Because if you know your correct score from your double chance, that is already two options when aiming to come out on top.

While although you may be up to speed with those two examples, the handicap markets may well have passed you by and a look at those odds may at best confuse you or at worst lead you into a wager that you do not understand.

Thankfully, this is where we step in and for those who are unaware of certain terminologies or are simply looking to refresh their own bank of knowledge, then we have the perfect betting markets guide for you.


The benchmark of all football bets is none other than the win/draw/win market (or 1×2 in some cases). Here the bet is arguably as simple as it can be, you either back the home team to win, their travelling opponents or you believe that the game will end in a draw.

For example:

Brentford 3.90
Draw 3.60
Tottenham 1.90

In this instance, you can back Brentford to come out on top or you could opt for London rivals Tottenham to earn maximum points themselves. Should you be unable to split the difference, you can back the two teams to do the same.

This bet will be found in match that the bookmakers are offering odds for. The only thing to remember is that the bet will finish after 90 minutes and injury time. If it is a cup game, any result after extra-time or penalties does not count towards the declaration of the bet.

Double Chance

In this market things are slightly different and the reason for this, is because you are taking two of the three options above. For example, you may lean toward Tottenham avoiding defeat in West London, but you do not have full confidence in them coming out on top.

This is where the Double Chance market comes in to play and once again, we can offer some example odds:

Brentford or Draw 1.83
Draw or Tottenham 1.25
Brentford or Tottenham 1.28

As you can see the price of Tottenham winning in this market is less than the price offered in the win/draw/win market above. Then again, the bookmakers are kind enough to offer you the draw and sometimes this additional layer of insurance can come in rather handy.

Taking Two Options Can Also Lead To A Winning Bet

Draw No Bet

In a similar vein to the Double Chance offering, the Draw No Bet market offers an extra level of insurance. While although that is the similarity, the difference comes with cutting out the middleman.

Here, we are removing the draw from the equation and simply picking who will think will win the match. If we use the same example match, the odds will look something like this:

Brentford 2.75
Tottenham 1.40

As you can see both odds are lower than when compared to the win/draw/win market and the reason for this is because there is no draw bet on offer. If the two teams end up cancelling each other out, you will see your stake returned instead.


Another highly popular bet before or during any football match is the over/under. Here you are wagering on the certain frequency of an event. Usually it is goals, but it could just as easily be corners, throws or goal kicks.

If we take the most popular of this particular market, the over/under on goals is usually set at 2.5. The line in the sand which will dictate whether your bet is going to be considered a winner or a loser at the final whistle.

The Number Of Goals Scored Is Vitally Important For This Bet

While the way it will be settled, depends on the final score. With that in mind, we shall take a look at the pre-match odds before Brentford play host to Tottenham:

Over 2.5 – 1.80
Under 2.5 – 2.00

You may be asking the question; how do you score .5 of a goal? Well, the simple answer to this, is that you cannot. However, it works perfectly for this kind of bet. If you back the game to finish over 2.5 goals and three or more in total are scored, you are a winner.

If you back the game to finish under 2.5 goals and three or more in total are scored, you are a losing punter in this instance. The over/under needle can be moved to any figure with a .5 depending on the market type. You could just need to make sure you are on the right side of the finishing line.

Both Teams to Score

This market is as simple as it sounds, you are backing both teams to score by the end of the match. A simple yes or no equation to be solved. If Leeds are playing host to Manchester City and the game ends in a 2-1 win for the visitors, as long as you select yes on the coupon, you win as well.

If you were to back no and City ran out 2-0 winners instead, this would also be a winning combination. All you need to do is work out, if both teams (yes) or a maximum of one team (no, which also allows for 0-0 draws) will find the net.

Both Teams Scoring Can Lead To You Being A Winner

There is a further level to this market, and it is one that combines the win/draw/win with both teams to score. If you can pick the correct match outcome and how many teams will score, it can be a quick way to boosting your winnings.

Correct Score

Once again, we have another market where the name is the literal thing you are trying to predict. It may be simple in name, but it can be rather difficult to nail down. Difficult but not impossible and that is why so many punters test their acumen every weekend.

For example, we know at the top of the page that a Tottenham victory over Brentford is priced at 1.90. However, if we were to nail our colours to the mast and select a 1-0 win for Harry Kane and company, the odds shoot up to 9.00 in comparison.

Like any other football bet, risk certainly does equal reward in this instance and although correct score bets can be harder to land, if only because there are so many variables, it is still a wager worth placing.

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