A guide to the best football leagues to bet on action

A Guide to the Best Football Leagues to Bet on

By Dan Tracey - Dec 25th 2022

If you know your draw no bets from your double chance or your over 2.5 from your under, chances are you will be looking for a football match to bet on. Thankfully there are hundreds of leagues and competitions to choose from but this in itself can be something of an issue

Because when looking down the lengthy fixture lists, one may wonder where to start. Do you go for a competition on domestic soil or opt for foreign climbs instead. Are you backing goals or simply a match winner, this question may also determine where your wager will be placed.

Although by the time you have finished reading this article, you will know exactly which leagues are worthy of your stake money. This means you can avoid the pitfalls of relegation and enjoy the jubilation that comes with promotion instead.

Premier League

Where else to start but the best league in the world and to be honest, why not? The Premier League generates an incredible amount of interest from both bookmakers and punters alike and you see the action on the playing field, you can begin to understand why.

The fast nature of the action is enough to entice supporters to test their betting acumen and especially because there are so many different markets that are available. Add a considerable number of promotions for the league’s big matches and this offers another reason to get involved.

While this competition is also ideal for those who like to do their research beforehand. With so many stats and facts available before each game week, it can help you develop a long-term edge over those who set the odds.


Next on our list is the Bundesliga predictions and although the league is a one-horse race, it should not be enough to deter you from placing a bet on Germany’s biggest and best clubs. Bayern Munich may scoop the crown each year, there is plenty of entertainment where the other 17 teams are involved.

Especially as this competition is considered to be a rather high scoring one and with defences being breached on a far more regular basis, this is where the over 2.5 goals or even over 3.5 goals regulars tend to frequent.

With it also being one of Europe’s ‘big five’ leagues, it is also rather rich when it comes to data. If you are someone who likes to crunch the numbers before the game gets underway, this should definitely be a league for you.

La Liga

When you think of La Liga, you often think of the duopoly that Barcelona and Real Madrid currently operate. Bar the odd interruption from Atletico Madrid, the title never goes outside the two teams that contest El Clasico.

However, the fact that the top two or three places are always sewn up, is not something that should put you off either and with the middle of the pack always being rather congested and fiercely contested, the matches can be harder to call.

The Camp Nou Is Home To Barcelona

A scenario that actually offers a greater return in terms of odds before kick-off. If you can put your betting acumen to use and get those tight calls correct, this is a league that can offer you a decent amount of value at the same time.

Ligue 1

With Ligue 1 being the plaything of Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe, backing PSG to win each weekend is never going to make the bookmakers sweat. Then again, it is an ideal way to build your bankroll across the course of the season.

Because although you are never going to start the retirement fund for every win that the Parisians record, they do win far more often than they drop points and therefore, the wins can also be converted into winnings for you.

PSG Are The Biggest Team In France

Add the fact that PSG always have a nose for goals and if you are tempted to go really big and back outcomes such as over 4.5 goals, this can also be a worthwhile to squeeze more value out of the betting companies.

Serie A

While the last of Europe’s ‘big five’ is none other than Italy’s Serie A and although it used to be a league known more for defensive prowess, the balance is slowly being redressed towards attacking football instead.

This means that if you are prepared to back the over on goals where under has been tipped as the likely outcome, it can be an easy opportunity to get more for your money. However, there is perhaps a word of caution when it comes to wagers in Italy.

Juventus Have Many Supporters Around The World

The league has previously been known for scandals and these have the potential to distort any matches are contested and subsequently any bets that you place. It does seem as if all that bad behaviour in the past, but you never know when the next scheme is lurking just around the corner.

Champions League

Although it is not strictly a league, we cannot leave the Champions League out of our list. With 32 of Europe’s very best squaring off each season, this is where the giants of the game are placed into regular battle.

While because of such regular warfare, it is a competition that also attracts a considerable amount of interest, and this interest comes from all corners of the globe. With so many eyes on the product, it also converts to a considerable amount of activity in betting circles.

Because of such popularity, the bookmakers are not shy when it comes to handing out offers or bonuses before the matches begin. Make use of these and your midweek victories can be fed into Saturday’s next round of bets.

EFL Championship

Before we sign off, we should also shine some light on England’s second tier and with 24 teams competing within the EFL Championship, there are plenty of betting tips opportunities across the course of the season.

Even though this league is considered a war of attrition by those who compete within it, the difficulty of the matches is soon converted into decent odds in the win draw win market. Like La Liga, it can be hard to call the winner, but the rewards are worthwhile.

Not only that, but considering this is a second level competition, the standard is just as high as the top leagues in the Netherlands, Portugal or Scotland and with so many ex-Premier League clubs doing their best to get promoted, there is disappointment and delight in equal measures.

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