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Craziest Football Bets Ever Made

By Dan Tracey - Dec 30th 2022

If you are somebody who attempts to beat the bookies on a regular basis, you probably have a rather measured approach when it comes to football betting. While because of that approach, you may well have managed to generate some long-term profitability at the same time.

Then again, for every person who has found an element of edge, there are likely to be more that have not. Sometimes a lack of success can come down to a lack of luck and no matter how much research you do beforehand, things may simply not go your way.

While if you are not down on your luck, you may be down when it comes to discipline instead and with punters being known for making wild wagers from time to time, these are the bets that the bookmakers absolutely love.

Because there is nothing better from their perspective than a crazy football bet, one where a combination of factors is so wild and unlikely, that a punter may as well just hand their bookmaker the money and walk away.

The crazier the bet, the less likelihood of picking a winner and with these being placed in rather high volume, this is what fattens up the bookmakers’ profit totals at the end of the year. However, it is not always one-way traffic and sometimes this craziness can be converted into big winnings.

Which is why we are going to take the opportunity to look at some of the craziest football bets of all time. Some you will shake your heads and think why, some may even make you cry but more importantly, some will have you punching the air in delight and wishing the winners rather well.

Hit And Hope

In the middle of the 2000’s, Xabi Alonso was certainly the lynchpin of Liverpool’s midfield and the Spaniard would play a considerable part in the Merseyside men winning the Champions League in 2005.

A memorable night in Istanbul for those connected to the club and just a few months later, it would be a memorable night when the Anfield outfit travelled to lowly Kenilworth Road to face lowly Luton in the FA Cup.

With Alonso not being afraid to strike balls from long distance, one punter literally dreamt that the Spanish star would manage to score from his own half during this particular encounter. While it was a dream that was worth odds of 125/1.

Football Can Be An Incredibly Fast Paced Game

Being so convinced that this dream was going to come true, Liverpool supporter Adrian Hayward staked £200 on such an outcome. An outcome that looked rather unlikely when Luton found themselves 3-1 ahead.

However, this was a team that simply did not know when to quit and with Liverpool managing to find themselves 4-3 ahead in the dying seconds, Luton’s goalkeeper would be ordered forward for a last-minute corner.

Unfortunately for Marlon Beresford in the Hatters’ goal, the hopeful attacking move would break down and leave his goal exposed. Which is all Alonso needed to fire home from 55-yards. A win secured for the visitors, a dream literally coming true for Mr Hayward.

First African World Cup

If someone asked you to name your three biggest memories from the 2010 World Cup, you would likely suggest Frank Lampard’s ghost goal, Luis Suarez’s handball against Ghana and the sound of those vuvuzelas.

While one punter will probably want to forget the tournament rather quickly, especially as they wagered £417,000 on a single bet. One that failed to see such a large amount subsequently converted into winnings.

The unknown punter placed the largest ever single bet in World Cup history, as they backed Germany to get the better of Spain in the semi-finals. Although unfortunately for him, it was La Rioja who would move on to the final.

£417,000 could have been converted to £800,000 if the 2006 hosts came good in South Africa. Instead, this punter is probably still licking his wounds at being the person who has lost the most money in one single football bet.

Goals, Goals, Goals

It was a late drama of a like that had never been witnessed in soccer betting before and was unlikely to be seen again.

There is no doubt that both teams to score betting has become far more popular in recent years. While it is also a decent way to find value when it cannot be uncovered within the win/draw/win market.

Because in this instance you are not backing a particular outcome, you just want either side to register themselves on the scoresheet and it is fair to say that a particular punter once had a considerable nose for goals.

It Only Takes A Second To Score A Goal

Step forward Brian Matthews and although he is a supporter of Wolves, he may have a soft spot for Middlesbrough at the same time. After placing a 15-match BTTS accumulator (or both teams to score accumulator) to the value of £15, all that was left was the Boro’s trip to Manchester City.

One that looked like the Etihad outfit were not only going to earn maximum points but deprive Brian of £110,000. However, a bet is never over until the final whistle blows and with Marten De Roon scoring an equaliser in the dying seconds, it was time for this punter to pop the champagne corks.

African Football Expert

One thing you should never do is place your whole bankroll on a single bet, especially if you have just read the example above. One thing you should also never do is place a football bet while using your student loan as the stake.

Something that one punter did during the 2010 African Nations Cup, as Angola found themselves with a 4-0 lead with just 12 minutes of the match remaining. A scenario that allowed for a rather crazy in-play bet.

Thinking the game would fizzle out and Angola would see out proceedings, this punter placed a whopping £4,400 on such an outcome at odds of just 1.01. It could be viewed as buying money, but there is absolutely no value in this bet.

You Should Always Do The Sums Beforehand

While there were no winnings at all, as Mali did the unthinkable and managed to claw their way back into the game and make it 4-4 at the end of 90 minutes. Disaster for the student concerned, but the anguish does not quite stop there.

Because before the bet was placed, the same punter thought the odds for Angola to win where 1.10 – this would have meant winnings of £440. However, with the odds being 1.01, it meant only £44 was up for grabs. An expensive lesson for this student.

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