What is double result in football betting? action

What is Double Result in Football Betting?

By Dan Tracey - Nov 9th 2022

Why place a wager on one single outcome, when you can place a double result bet instead? While for those who have previously asked, what is double result in football betting? It allows punters the opportunity to beat the bookies at two different intervals.

While because double result betting offers such ebb and flow, it is a market that has grown in popularity in the past few years and perhaps more importantly, offers greater odds than the win draw win market.

Which logically makes sense when you consider twice the work needs to be carried out for a winner. Then again, although there is twice as much in terms of workload, the task itself is not all that difficult to carry out.


If we take an example of a Premier League fixture in the win-draw-win market, it may look something such as this:

Liverpool – 1.25
Draw – 6.50
Southampton – 9.00

liverpool stadium

Can Liverpool Win At Anfield

As we can see here, Liverpool have been priced as overwhelming favourites to win at Anfield and when you consider their impressive run of form at home, you can understand why such prices have been set out before kick-off.

However, for those who are looking to extract value form this Premier League encounter, backing the home side is going to offer nothing of the kind. Thankfully though, this is where the double result market comes into operation.

The double result market is usually labelled as half time/full time and here, you are predicting the outcome at both minutes 45 and 90. If the ebb and flow of the match subsequently matches your hunch, you will be a winner.

Which means if we look at the same match but look to place a double result bet instead, here are the odds that are on offer:

Liverpool/Liverpool – 1.80
Liverpool/Draw – 21.00
Liverpool/Southampton – 41.00
Draw/Liverpool – 4.33
Draw/Draw – 11.00
Draw/Southampton – 21.00
Southampton/Liverpool – 17.00
Southampton/Draw – 23.00
Southampton/Southampton – 21.00


Not only is there three times the available options, but there are also far more generous prices when it comes to pre-match odds and whereas a Liverpool win on its own was at odds of 1.25, Jurgen Klopp’s men being ahead at the interval and the final whistle finds itself at 1.80.

Admittedly, it is not the biggest jump in terms of price, but it does constitute more in the way of value and when you consider that the Saints have been behind at the break and the conclusion of the game in five of their last seven away trips, this is where the smart money should go.

Of course, the money that is placed on football bets is not always smart and with there being eight other options to choose from, this is where the cat can be thrown amongst the proverbial pigeons – especially as Southampton have recently rid themselves of Ralph Hasenhuttl.

With the shackles being figuratively removed, this travelling Southampton side may be able to bloody the nose of their hosts or at the very worst, may not necessarily be their usual pushover on the road.

Which is why backing the option of Draw/Liverpool could also be a logical selection. Here you are predicting that the scores will be level at half time, but the Reds’ attacking talent will eventually shine through at the end.

Should this be the case, the Liverpool win that you could have back in the win draw win market at odds of 1.25 has instead been converted to odds of 4.33 on your betting slip. While the reason for the increase in odds is because of one basic principle.

Risk equals reward.

Because you are placing a wager that has more risk attached to it, more rewards may hopefully soon after. While it is also a bet that can offer more in the way of flexibility, as the game evolves in front of your very eyes.

risky climb up mountain

There’s Always An Element Of Risk

If we go back to the same half time/full time market, there is every chance that Southampton could silence the Merseyside crowd by taking an early lead and in doing so, take a lead back in to the dressing rooms.

However, those 15 minutes in the interval will have given Liverpool’s manager the perfect opportunity to drum home his message. A message that tells his players, that they now need to score twice.

Something they have managed to do and in doing so, the winning odds of such an outcome have leapt from a home win at odds of 1.25 to a half time loss/full time win at odds of 17.00 and it is a considerable leap at that.

While the reason for such a leap, is because the market has factored in the evolution of the game at Anfield. If you back Liverpool to win at 1.25, what they do in the first half is irrelevant – whether they are ahead, behind, or level is immaterial.

Immaterial yes, but also something that is arguably costing you potential winnings at the same time. Because if you can hold your nerve and predict two different outcomes in opposing halves, the road to riches appears a lot closer.


Especially if you do your research beforehand and if you consider these four key pointers, it will help you build your double result betting strategy:

  • Research teams that score first and tend to be ahead at the break
  • Research teams that perform better in the second half
  • Research where teams are either better at home or away
  • Factor in team news, injuries, suspensions before the game

Research Is Key

Once you take these four key points into consideration, double result betting should become even less of a minefield. By using statistic and data, you can pinpoint which teams perform better in either half and in doing so, know exactly where to place your stake money.

This particular market does not come without its risk, but then again you could say the same of any kind of football betting. However, it does allow plenty more fluidity when it comes to how you want to wager and more importantly, more in the way of potential winnings.

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