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Tipster 101: What is a Scorecast Bet?

By Ashley Salek - Mar 10th 2020

Whether you’re a professional or newbie to the pastime, you will have heard of the most popular types of betting - singles, doubles and accumulator betting, to name a few.

But, there are many betting types to choose from when you place a wager, probably more than you realise. Today we’re going explain Scorecast; what is a scorecast bet, what are the rules and how are odds calculated?

What is Scorecast Betting?

Scorecast betting is a single bet that is made up of two separate bets, think of it as a mini accumulator bet if you will. As part of the bet, you must correctly predict the player who will score the first goal of the match and also the correct end result of that match. 

You will only win the bet if both of your predictions for first goalscorer and match score are correct, if either part lets you down, you will lose the overall bet. However, there are a couple of variations of this betting type that increases your chances of an overall win. 

The first variant is the ‘Anytime Scorecast’. This means still predict an anytime goalscorer and final match score, but your goal scorer can score the goal at any given point during the match and before the final whistle. 

In some betting markets, you also have the option to place a wager on ‘Last Goal Scorer Goalcast’, ‘First Half Scorecast’ or ‘Second Half Scorecast’, whereby your chosen goal scorer must score within the subsequent parts of the match; the first half, second half or shoot the final goal.

Scorecast Rules

Anything can happen in a football match. Injuries, players on the bench and changes to match starters are all unforeseen and can affect your wager, so there are scorecast rules in place to help protect your bet. 

As we mentioned, scorecast betting is a single bet on two selections; the first goalscorer and correct score of the match.

  • If your chosen goal scorer doesn’t take part in the match, your bet will be settled as a single bet on the correct final score. 
  • If your chosen goal scorer only comes on the pitch after the first goal has been scored, your bet will be settled as a single on the correct score
  • Own goals don’t count; if the first goal of the match is an own goal your scorecast bet will carry on to the next goalscorer. If the match ends 1-0 on an own goal, your bet is settled as a single correct score bet

How Odds Are Calculated for a Scorecast Bet

A scorecast bet is essentially a double bet. The return from the first selection of the bet - the first goalscorer of the match - is used to stake the second selection of your scorecast bet - the correct final score of the match. 

For example, if your scorecast was Roberto Firmino to score the first goal for Liverpool in an away match against Bournemouth in the Premier League, the odds might be 3/1. If you bet £10, your potential return would be £30, plus your original £10 wager. 

If the second selection of your scorecast bet was Liverpool as the team to win with a final score of 3-1, your total £40 fund would be staked on this final score selection. 

So, if the odds for the second half of your bet were 7/1, if your selections were correct you could win £280 plus your £40 stake; a total of £320 from a £10 stake - it’s no surprise that scorecast is becoming an increasingly popular type of football betting. 

The odds of a scorecast are calculated before the match, so you will always know what odds you are being offered.

An Example of a Scorecast Bet

When you place a scorecast with an online bookmaker, you can usually choose a match, choose the first goalscorer of the match from a dropdown list of all the players from both teams and then choose the final score from another. 

As an example, you might choose Chelsea vs. Burnley with Tammy Abraham as your first goal scorer and the final score as 3-1. Typical odds for this reasonably possible outcome could be 15/1. 

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