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Anytime Goalscorer Rules Explained

By Ashley Salek - Oct 21st 2020

From Birmingham to Berlin, Lisbon to Lyon, European football sells itself on goals, goals, goals and, for the most part, it delivers. 92% of domestic league games have at least 1 goal in them, meaning that, for the savvy bettor, there’s money to be made on the anytime goalscorer market more often than not.

KickOff’s top tipsters are regularly betting on this market, and by the end of this article you’ll be ready to join them. So, lets look at the anytime goalscorer rules explained:

What is Anytime Goalscorer Betting?

When boiled down to the absolute basics, the anytime goalscorer market is incredibly easy to understand. 

A bettor simply selects a match on which they wish to bet and then picks a player belonging to either side that they believe will score a goal. If a goal is scored by the selected player at any point during the fixture, the bet wins. Simple, right?

The Rules Explained:

Betting on one market with multiple bookmakers can complicate things somewhat, as each will have their terms and conditions. Checking individual websites before laying down money is always advisable.

Here, however, we aim to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the anytime goalscorer market, in as broad terms as possible.

Does Anytime Goalscorer Include Extra Time?

The answer to this question is, quite simply, unless otherwise stated. 

When taking anytime goalscorer bets on the 2020 FA Cup final, for example, Paddy Power made it clear that they would pay out on goals in both normal time and extra time, while BetVictor would only do so for goals scored during the regulation 90 minutes plus stoppage time, meaning extra-time goals do not count.

If you’re betting on a goal scorer in a match that could go to extra time, always check the small print.

What About Free Kicks, Penalties and Penalty Shootouts?

Free kicks and penalties scored during regulation the regulation 90 minutes plus stoppage time are always included in goalscorer bets. Strikes during a penalty shootout, unfortunately, are not. 

The Player I Bet on Didn’t Appear…

Unfortunately, this is the risk we take with anytime goalscorer betting. If a player doesn’t play, he doesn’t score and ultimately the bet loses.

Do your research and avoid players that could be ruled out with injuries. Odds for them will often still be available, in case of a surprise late inclusion, but the smart money isn’t backing them and it is not the bookmaker’s obligation to make sure such a bet is void.

No Player Scored in the Match I Bet On...

If a match finishes 0-0 then, by definition, no players scored at any time. As such, all anytime goalscorer bets on the match lose.

How Are Anytime Goalscorer Odds Calculated?

Every major bookmaker in the UK employs teams of people to set their odds, with huge levels of science and statistics going into the process. It’s complex work but, in the end, the logic behind the calculations is often there for all to see.

The more frequently a player scores or the more advanced their position on the pitch, the shorter the odds on them scoring any time will generally be.

So, if you’re looking for bigger rewards, the Lionel Messi’s and Cristiano Ronaldo’s of this world may not the ones to back, but that marauding fullback with a screamer in their locker might just be.

Tips for Placing Goalscorer Bets

Winning can never be guaranteed in football betting – it’s called gambling for a reason. But, if you do wish to bet on a player scoring, there are steps you can take to improve your chances.

Following tips from more experienced punters is never a bad idea, and this can be done from the Live Bets page of KickOff. Algorithmic predictions, as found in the Acca Smacker, are also a good starting point. 

Beyond that, however, it’s important to follow some basic principals:

Assess Players and Team History

Do your research. All football fans remember that player who seemed to score against their team every game, season after season, or the former hero who returned to their old stomping ground to break hearts.

Looking through the stats and finding those players could just be the thing that gives you the winning edge.

Keep Your Eyes on Penalty Experts

Players that regularly step up and take penalties are a great shout on the anytime goalscorer market, as those backing Bruno Fernandes during his explosive introduction to English football can attest. 

Find out who’s on spot-kicks in each team, and make your selections accordingly.

Combine With Other Bets

Accumulator betting is always a good option for those seeking larger payouts, and they can extend the excitement of a bet throughout a weekend too.

Anytime in Acca Bets

Professional bettors always make sure that they are versed in all bet types and strategies, and accumulator betting can be one of the most profitable approaches when done well. 

Anytime goalscorer bets can be added to your acca just like bets on any other market, and often in conjunction with free bet offers too, minimising outlay and maximising potential profit.

Take Advantage of a Live Betting Strategy

Live betting on the anytime goalscorer market can be an attractive proposition for many reasons.

Firstly, bettors avoid the risk of a player not being selected. Remember, pre-match bets on a player that doesn’t even get on the pitch will still lose, but we can avoid this eventuality by waiting to see who’s in the starting XI.

Live betting can also mean that bettors have more information with which to make their selections. After all, who hasn’t watched Spurs and thought to themself, “Harry Kane looks like he means business today”? When we see how a player is performing we can, in many cases, make more informed predictions.

There’s More! Other Popular Goalscorer Markets:

Hopefully, you’ve now seen that anytime goalscorer betting can be an enticing proposition, but it’s far from being the only choice in town for those who are all about the goals.

We offer tips for a whole host of goal markets, including: 

First Goalscorer Bets

The traditional goalscorer bet is on who will find the net first in a match. The odds are bigger on this than the anytime goalscorer market, as only one player can score the first goal in a single match. Many favour it as a market for this reason.

Rules for First Goalscorer Betting

The rules for first goalscorer betting are much the same as those for anytime goalscorer betting, with the only real difference being that the order in which goals are scored matters here.

The aforementioned variations between bookmakers still apply, with rules around goals scored extra time or penalties sometimes changing from one to another. Once again, check the T&Cs.

Last Goalscorer Bets

Another goalscorer market, and another one for which the name does most of the explaining.

A bettor selects a match, picks a player on either side and, should that player score the last goal of the game, they can consider themselves a winner.

Rules for Last Goalscorer Betting

Once again the rules are similar to other goalscorer markets, and once again they can vary between bookmakers.

We may sound like broken records by now, but always check the terms and conditions before placing your money. It takes a little time, but it’s an important step in sensible betting.

Advantages of Goalscorer Betting

Hopefully, by this point, you have seen that there are loads of advantages to selecting the goalscorer markets. They offer exciting variety, and can completely change the way you watch a match. Willing just one player to score is a new experience for many.

Low Stakes with High Rewards

Chasing the biggest rewards possible does not constitute sensible betting, but being mindful of the odds on offer certainly does. 

The odds on goalscorer markets can easily range from 1.50 to 150.00 in a single match, depending on the player you pick, so there is certainly scope for placing a £1 bet in the hope of a big pay-out or taking a more careful, incremental approach.

Place a Wager on Multiple Players

Rules on anytime goalscorer betting do not restrict bettors to just one selection, and it’s common for multiple players to be backed.

Think of Liverpool’s now-legendary front three – how often do Mo Salah, Sadio Mané and Roberto Firmino all fail to score in a match? It was rare in the 2019/20 season, and often more than one would find the net. So, placing an anytime goalscorer bet on all three made perfect sense to many.

Easy for Novice Bettors

Having spent so long explaining how these markets work in detail, it may seem odd to finish by saying that these markets are easy to understand for novice bettors, but they are!

Along with markets such as correct score, the clue is in the title. You’re picking a single outcome which you expect to see, and the result is binary – either it does or doesn’t happen.

We hope you’re heading off with a better understanding of these markets, and we wish you the very best of luck in trying them out!

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