How to beat bookies in football betting action

How to Beat Bookies in Football Betting

By Dan Tracey - Dec 4th 2022

The eternal question that every punter asks, how to beat bookies in football betting? A thought that has been pondered for as long as bookmakers are in operation and a thought that will still be offered when mankind places its final ever bet.

While it is a question that although difficult to answer is thankfully not impossible either. Many have attempted to discover the holy grail when it comes to coming out on top, only few can consider themselves truly successful.

However, just because the few were successful in the past does not the many cannot achieve profitability in the future and in our latest blog article, we are going to highlight just how you can find the winning touch on a far more regular basis.


One of the beautiful things about the beautiful game is the huge resource of information that is freely available. Information that comes in the form of results, league tables, player statistics and many other elements.

With such reference points for people to dive into, it also allows fans the opportunity to build an incredible knowledge bank for themselves and most often, these same supporters are willing to share theirs for a common goal.

The common goal is getting one over the bookmakers and the knowledge bank comes in the form of well-informed tipsters. While if you are unsure of the role a tipster plays, it is someone who is willing to share their hunch with others.

Our Tipsters Remove The Stress

Sometimes the hunch may be so juicy, that it comes at a cost. One that the potential purchaser has to weigh up its worth. If a tipping service is costing one figure but is promising twice more in terms of winnings, it may seem a good investment.

However, paid tipsters are not necessarily worth their weight in gold and if you are to hand over your cold hard cash for information, it is always recommended that you carry out your own research first.

Thankfully at websites such as the one you have currently come across, there are an abundance of free tips that are available. Not only is there an abundance to choose from, but those sharing their knowledge have an incredibly good track record.

Which means if you are new to football betting and need a guiding hand or you may need to a change in your own fortunes, following successful tipsters is a great way to earn success of your own.


Because the one thing that bookmakers love the most, are bets where no thought has taken place previously. No research, no logic and pretty much no hope of turning your stake into winnings at the final whistle.

While the one thing that bookmakers hate the most, are the bets where the form guides have been studied, the team news analysed, and a new managerial appointment has been made. These are punts that bring them out in a sweat.

Not only does it bring them out in a sweat, but it also brings your betting account to life. Plenty of research beforehand is usually the shortcut to plenty of winnings to follows and if you have not got the time to carry out the analysis, there are a group of heroes who have.

Research Is A Highly Important Aspect Of Football Betting

This is where a free tipster is worth his weight in goals, follow the ones that are at the top of our leaderboard and they will very rarely let you down. Earn enough wins and one day you may be top of the charts themselves.

Of course, it is not all about following the lead of someone else and although tipsters can give you a huge steer towards where you need to be, you still need to be the person who places the bet before kick-off.

While the most important aspect to consider before placing any bet is the ability to get the best price. If you get the highest possible odds, you not only maximise any potential winnings, but you can also create a long-term system of profitability.


Get the best price but also try and get the best value at the same time and we can use the World Cup clash between England and Senegal as an example of where to find it.

In the first 44 of matches of this year’s tournament in Qatar, 23 of them ended in a 0-0 draw or 52.27% when looking at it from a percentage point of view. To simplify it further, the odds would be equal to 1.91.

Not quite the same as a coin being flipped either heads or tails at equal probability but not far off either and therefore, if you were to back England and Senegal playing out the 45 minutes without a goal you would imagine the odds to be 1.80 at its lowest to 2.00 at its highest.

Probability Is Also Very Important

A range which means the bookmakers have either spotted this data and priced it in with their own margin or they are offering a tiny piece of value as they are in a generous mood. However, the actual odds for a goalless draw were actually 2.50.

A figure that constitutes a huge amount of value when you consider the World Cup pattern of play. A figure that is far too good to turn down and even if this bet does not come good, it is exactly the right kind of bet to place.

Because if you are placing bets that are always over odds of 2.00, you only need to win 51% of the time to generate long-term profit. Which is why finding the best prices is so important when it comes to football betting.

Once again, our tipsters can certainly help you on that front, as they are adept at finding the most value and when they find it, they are more than happy to share it with others. Which means although few punters were coming out on top in the past, a lot more are celebrating these days.

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