What is acca betting? – acca betting explained action

What is Acca Betting? – Acca Betting Explained

By Sasha Isaacs - Aug 8th 2022

Football is without question the most popular sport for accumulator (acca) betting. Bookmakers offer matches daily, from all around the globe, with a ton of markets to pick from. So, what is a football accumulator?

  1. Four or more selections or more must be made.
  2. Selections may be made from many different betting markets.
  3. Selections may be made from many different competitions.
  4. Most minimum stakes are as low as 10p.
  5. If all bets are successful, the acca is won.
What is Acca Betting? - Acca Betting Explained

Serious money can be won through Accas.

How do Accas work?

By putting together an acca, the odds are increased with each selection. For example, let’s imagine a punter fancies each of these bets.

  • Real Madrid to beat Barcelona – 2/1
  • Man City to beat Man Utd – 2/1
  • Tottenham to beat Arsenal – 3/1
  • Brighton to beat Crystal Palace – 4/1

By backing them all individually, you limit your returns – i.e. £10 on Real Madrid to beat Barcelona at 2/1 would return a £20 profit.

Backing Real Madrid to beat Barcelona at 2/1 and Man City to beat Man Utd at 2/1 in a double would see your odds rise to 5/1. A £10 bet on this double would return a £50 profit.

Backing all four of your selections in one accumulator, however, would produce odds of 120/1. A £10 bet on the four-fold accumulator would return a profit of £1200.

Different types of Accas 

Whilst betting on two selections (double) or three selections (treble) do count as accumulators, the term generally applies to a bet that includes four or more selections. This is enticing, but one missed bet means the better will lose their entire wager. Read more about Acca insurance here. There are many different types of accumulators, some of which provide a safety net where a normal acca can’t:

  • Trixie: A three selection wager that consists of four placed bets, offering high profits for comparatively low stakes. The beauty behind a Trixie bet is that should one selection fail, a return is still guaranteed.
  • Patent: A type of multiple method betting wherein seven bets are placed on three different selections. This bet is used to cover all potential outcomes and will result in a return even if only one bet comes in.
  • Lucky 15: Named “lucky” due to bookies often offering enhanced odds or bonuses around it, this acca is a four-selection wager involving 15 bets: four singles, six doubles, four trebles and a four-fold accumulator.
  • Canadian: Five selections made up of 26 separate bets.
  • Goliath: Five selections made up of 26 separate bets.
  • Alphabet: The Alphabet is a six-selection wager comprising 26 bets (hence being named after the alphabet): two Patents (14 bets), one Yankee (11 bets) and a six-fold accumulator (one bet).

Due to the immense scale of football betting, there are markets covering practically any outcome that could happen within the 90 minutes of a match. Although there are some markets that bookies may prevent betters from including, a lot of the more popular options are available for creating a full accumulator from, or even for mixing with each other to make a mixed accumulator.

Markets that are usually allowed for adding into your football accumulators include:

The only consideration to bear in mind is that some markets can influence whether a cash-out is permitted.

What is Acca Betting? - Acca Betting Explained

According to The Daily Record, a lucky punter won a huge £223k after their 20 fold-acca came in at odds of 41548/1!

Strategy for Acca betting


Research is a necessary step to increasing your chances of winning accumulators. After all, without the right information, how can a well-informed decision be made?

If new to football accumulators, checking fixtures, the odds of the game and league tables are a good place to gather information needed to make the right selections. This data will help narrow down and formulate bets.

While some may find research a tedious task, but never skip on this part if you want to boost chances of winning. However, be careful not to over-analyse the games. To avoid this, make sure you always stick to the facts gathered, keeping emotion out of it.

If you wish to see how it’s done, click here to copy and follow the best tipsters on our site.

Set up a plan

After gathering the information, setting up a plan is key to winning accumulators every time. Different punters will have their own strategies, so it would be difficult to find and choose one effective strategy for you.

Stick with betting on a certain number of matches. Punters can often get excited when an accumulator is doing well so may add another selection to increase their winnings. However, there is great risk that the last selection can ruin the acca.

Look for offers or promotions

Bookmakers offer different incentives for players such as welcome bonuses or discounts. Over time, betting sites will offer more types of rewards that will help gain an advantage when playing. Use these wisely, especially when betting on accumulators.

After reading this blog we hope you’ve gained a more comprehensive understanding of ACCAs, their dynamics, and how best to create them. Our informative blogs don’t stop at ACCAs. Feel free to browse our blog page for more content.

Written by Sasha Isaacs for kickoff.co.uk

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