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Why Can’t I Win Football Bets? – Top 3 Reasons Why Your Bets Aren’t Working

By Dan Tracey - Oct 8th 2022

How many times have you watched your favourite team lose a game of football? How many times has that also meant your betting slip is then thrown in the bin? It has been far too many for me, I imagine it has been far too many for you.

Although it does not have to be that way and as the famous scientist Albert Einstein said:

““The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

Which in football betting parlance means, if you are going to continuously back the same teams to win, the likelihood is that you will then up losing and if you always ask yourself, why can’t I win football bets, this is part of the reason why.

Then again, it is not the only reason and with their being plenty of pitfalls waiting to collect punters, we are now going to address those that you should be looking out for.

Do Your Research

If there is one underlying reason as to why people are constantly losing their football bets, it is because they are not doing any research beforehand and although placing a wager can be easy to make, they are not necessarily easy to win.

You may get incredibly lucky after picking teams at random or a certain hunch may just end up being a winner from time to time. However, blind faith is not a system that has ever made any prospective punter any money.

Of course, just because you do your research does not necessarily mean you will win every time. What it will do though, is boost your chances of success against the bookmakers and as the say, knowledge is power.

While the research itself can be as simple or as complex as you like. For example, it may even be a quick glance at the league table and if Tottenham are in the Champions League places and preparing to play Nottingham Forest at home, this knowledge would lead you to backing Spurs to win.

Take Time To Carry Out Research Beforehand

Although it could go a little deeper than this and you could look at the form guides of both outfit and even the head-to-head record at the same time. If Tottenham keep getting the better of Forest, then it only adds more weight to your upcoming selection.

Not to forget the statistical side of football and being able to crunch the numbers can also boost your chances of winning. If you are looking at the over/under markets and you know Tottenham like to score often and Forest concede with alarming regularity, backing 2.5 would be a shrewd move.

If you go into any betting situation with data and statistics to fall back on, you are giving yourself a far greater chance of picking a winner. It may take more of your time, but the investment will be worth it in the long run.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

One of the biggest traps that punters fall into, is a lack of variety on their betting slips and especially when they are placing accumulators before the weekend begins. Take the Premier League for example, 10 matches on offer most weekend and plenty of markets are available in each.

Markets that range from over/under goals to first goalscorer and still many more in between. However, this is something that so many people overlook and if your picks only consists of win/draw/win selections, the odds will be stacked against you.

While they may not even be great odds either and even if you picked five favourites to get maximum points at the weekend, there is a high likelihood that one will fail to get the job done. Ultimately, this means far too much sweat, for little or no return.

What you should be doing in this instance, is mixing the markets up. A win draw win here, an over 2.5 goals pick there and maybe a both teams to score  (BTTS) and win selection for good measure. By making better use of all the markets, you are also spreading the risk involved.

Try Adding Goal Bets To A Weekend Accumulator

Then again, wider variety can also be found in the shape of backing different leagues and although the Premier League will generate a considerable amount of betting traffic, there is no harm in placing bets across Europe or even the world.

Why pick a lesser profile game in the English top flight, when you can also pick the cream of the crop in Italy or Spain. You could even broaden your horizons and place a wager on an MLS fixture, the football world is literally your oyster.

Going Far Too Big

There is nothing better than getting a seat in the pub, pint in hand, Soccer Saturday on TV, acca slips ready to go. While there is nothing worse, than an acca slip that rolls off the table and onto the floor below.

While if this has happened, it means you or somebody next to you has picked a ludicrous number of selections for their latest attempt at bookie bashing. Yes, the pay out is nothing short of gargantuan, but the odds will be large for the same reason.

The bookmakers love nothing more than seeing someone go for broke and with a 10-fold accumulator being paid for, they know that money will not be returned with substantial interest in just a few hours’ time.

When It Comes To Football Betting, Bigger Is Not Always Better

When you consider just how hard football betting is at the best of times, why would you make it even harder. Instead of going for an accumulator which is double figures in terms of selections, why not find more of a balance.

Better to win smaller and often, than simply hand your money to the bookmakers and for those who are wondering what the magic number is, an acca of four or maybe even five picks can be considered the right balance between risk and reward.

Something that keeps things interesting for you while watching the scores come in but does not give too much advantage to the betting companies.

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