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The Most Profitable Betting Markets

By Ashley Salek - Aug 13th 2019

Looking to win big this football season?

Applying the right strategy is key to long-term success.

So, which are the most profitable betting markets? To put you on the right track, we’ve broken some of them down.

What Markets Should You Bet On?

Football betting is extremely diverse and there are many markets offered. If you apply the right strategy and do your research, you can find lucrative returns. Some profitable options include:

  1. Correct score
  2. Half time/full time
  3. Win to nil
  4. First goalscorer
  5. Over/under goals markets
  6. Win-draw-win
  7. Asian handicap
  8. Draw no bet
  9. Both teams to score and win
  10. Double chance

While things vary from bookmaker to bookmaker, you can find these markets across most sporting events, including Premier League matches. Take advantage of all free football tips available to you.

Whilst a football manager will only hope for one result for their side, as punters, we can wish for two. 

Hard work and dedication are two of the key attributes needed to be a successful football better.

Are There Any Markets You Should Avoid?

Odds vary market to market and bookmaker to bookmaker, with some shorter than others. These also vary depending on what fixture you’re betting on. For example, the anytime goal scorer market in a Champions League final will tend to have lower odds.

However, this isn’t to say you can’t make a profit when betting in this market. Particularly when placing an acca bet, you can find your potential returns greatly multiplied.

Remember, if you can’t find an edge in a market, sometimes the best option is to not bet at all.

Correct Score

The correct score market allows you to predict what the final score will be in a football match. If you’re right, your bet wins.

Due to the unpredictability of football, it can be difficult to guess, therefore you can find some lucrative odds here. These tend to be higher the more goals per game you predict will be scored.

This market is offered by most of the best betting sites out there, across all major games.

Advice for Placing a Bet of This Nature

Always use correct score tips to give you the best possible chance of success. While nothing is set in stone, it’s important not to bet blind.

You should also take every opportunity to make money at the bookies’ expense. Take advantage of deals such as free bet offers and enhanced odds offers to maximise your potential winnings.

Half Time/Full Time

A half time/full time bet is a popular sports betting market, where you predict the score at half time and again at full time. Both halves of your bet need to be correct in order to win, therefore you can find some attractive odds.

Advice for Placing a Bet of This Nature

Pay close attention to the data, such as match history and current form. This market can be particularly beneficial for fixtures where one team is the clear favourite to win, so you should use the stats to help you make your prediction.

Of course, there are no guarantees, but football betting tips can help point you in the right direction.

Win To Nil

Win to nil requires your chosen team to claim victory while also keeping a clean sheet. Therefore, if they win but concede, your bet will lose.

Due to both parts of your prediction needing to be correct, you can find some attractive returns. Of course, this depends on the football match and the team you choose. Most bookmakers will offer this bet, each with their own odds.

Advice for Placing a Bet of This Nature

Following top football tipsters can help you find success in this market. Register with KickOff and you can even copy an entire betslip – so that when they win, you win too. Our community is ranked in a leaderboard, so you can see the top bettors and make your selection.

The Most Profitable Betting Markets

Ajax won their opening nine Eredivisie fixtures to nil in the 1994/95 season, according to

First Goalscorer

First goalscorer allows you to predict who you think will score the first goal of a football match. The final amount of goals scored has no bearing on whether your bet wins.

For some punters, this has allowed them to make an easy profit.

Advice for Placing a Bet of This Nature

First goalscorer tips can’t guarantee your bet will win, however they can give you the best possible chance.

Over/Under Markets

Over/under markets allow you to bet on whether the number of total goals scored is above or below the given number. There are many to choose from, including:

These markets are profitable due to their straightforwardness, giving many punters the chance of success. Odds vary depending on which one you choose – some markets can be less lucrative than others.

Advice for Placing a Bet of This Nature

It’s important to be aware that ‘over’ tends to be more popular than ‘under’, as they run for the full game. Particularly if placing an accumulator bet, you need to ensure your selections have been carefully thought through.


With the win draw win market, you can either bet on one particular team to win the match, or you can bet on the game to end in a draw. Most bookmakers will offer it, and many punters have found it to be a hugely profitable option.

Advice for Placing a Bet of This Nature

This market is particularly useful in games where one team is the clear favourite to win, for example the home team. Do your research and look at the stats carefully.

The Most Profitable Betting Markets

Benfica proudly boast the European record for the most consecutive wins, with 29 straight victories in the Primeira Liga in the early 70s, according to

Asian Handicap Market

The Asian Handicap market adds a defect to one team at the start of the match, for example -1 goal. This is then calculated with the final score.

So, let’s say you back a team with a +1.5 goal advantage. As long as the other side doesn’t score two goals or more, your bet will win.

Of course, prices can vary, but you can find some extremely attractive returns. It also gives you a chance to bet on the underdog and potentially make a profit.

Advice for Placing a Bet of This Nature

This market can be particularly profitable when placing an accumulator bet, as your bet has more chance to be correct.

Draw No Bet

Draw no bet provides punters with a level of protection; removing the option of a draw from the game. If it does end in a draw, your stake is returned. Punters bet on a home or away win, giving them more chance of placing a winning stake.

Advice for Placing a Bet of This Nature

This market is perfect if you’re not convinced a team will be successful, but neither are you sure they’ll lose. If they win, your bet will win, if they don’t, you’ll have your money returned. This insurance makes it hugely popular with punters.

Both Teams to Score and Result

Both teams to score and result means you need the two sides to score and the team you back to win. It’s a hugely popular market and offered by most bookies.

Advice for Placing a Bet of This Nature

Look for teams with poor defences and good attackers. Remember, it’s not just who wins; both teams need to score, therefore this can be a good strategy to apply.

Double Chance

A double chance bet allows you to cover two out of three possible outcomes in a football match. This could be home & draw, away & draw or home & away. As a result, you give yourself a high chance of winning.

Advice for Placing a Bet of This Nature

This market offers shorter odds than others, however, you can greatly maximise your profits by placing an acca bet. This allows you to add multiple selections to your sleep, greatly increasing your potential winnings. With our predictions, knowing how to win football accumulators is easier than you may think.

The Most Profitable Betting Markets

Whilst a football manager will only hope for one result for their side, as punters, we can wish for two.

Ready to get started? Find our football accumulator tips here.

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