The most profitable betting strategy – the betting guide action

The Most Profitable Betting Strategy – The Betting Guide

By Ashley Salek - Jun 19th 2022

Are you a football better who is looking to earn a consistent profit when placing football bets? Well, quite honestly, who isn’t?

The good news is that betting on football can offer plenty of opportunity to make money. The number of matches coupled with the available markets means that it’s possible to win big.

But, this can be easier said than done. Remember – when it comes to betting – there are no guarantees.

So, we thought we’d lend a hand. Here’s your guide to long-term profitable football betting.

Choose the Right Markets

Particularly if just beginning out in the world of football betting, it’s important to know which are the best markets to exploit.

Whilst nothing is set in stone, there are some markets that tend to return higher overall profits than others and may be slightly more straightfoward to win that others. Some of these are as follows:

Over/Under 2.5 Goals

The over/under 2.5 goals market is commonly used by professional betters. The reason? This is one of the markets in which statistics, such as current form and past match data, can play a huge role.

Those who do their research find that the outcome of a particular game can be more easy to predict. It’s also a market that strikes the balance between offering high returns, without being overly risky.

Chart That Shows the Average Number of Goals Scored in the Premier League Per Half Between the 2016-17 and 2020-21 Seasons

This chart, from, shows the average number of goals scored in the Premier League per half between the 2016-17 and 2020-21 seasons.

First Goalscorer

The first goalscorer market is one which is hugely popular, particularly in football matches where consistent scorers are playing.

Top strikers tend to have shorter odds, but can return big profits. On the other hand, betting on a defensive player to score could deliver huge returns. Generally speaking, this market tends to be a more profitable market than the anytime goalscorer, as it’s harder to predict.

Both Teams To Score

The BTTS market allows a punter to bet on whether both teams will score across 90 minutes or not.

Sometimes, betting on the lesser leagues may offer big winnings. The both teams to score market is one where this is sometimes the case.

It’s also possible to find attractive odds in the both teams to score and win market.

Pick a Football Strategy

Finding a football betting strategy can be tough, as there are many to choose from.

They include:

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but it gives an indication into the number of different systems out there. Why not use these to your advantage?

The Most Profitable Betting Strategy - The Betting Guide

According to, punter Leigh Herbert of Leicester placed £5 at 5,000/1 on his local side to win the Premier League. He cashed out £2 for £5,600 before the remaining £3 returned £15,000 in May – a total windfall of £20,600.

Choose the Right Matches

It sounds obvious – but where you bet on football makes all the difference. This is one of the best ways to bet intelligently.

Some assume that the Premier League or the World Cup, for example, will always offer high stakes. This isn’t always the case. Odds vary team to team and match to match.

Understand Trends

To have success in any football betting market, it’s imperative to understand the game:

  • Watch matches for a long time before placing a bet
  • Do your research
  • Look for patterns
  • Use any knowledge to your advantage

Use Data

While nothing is set in stone, if wanting a profitable betting strategy, always pay attention to data. This should include:

Of course – there are no guaranteed betting systems. But, this doesn’t mean that attention shouldn’t be paid to research.

The Most Profitable Betting Strategy - The Betting Guide

The expert writers at give their tips on matches in the coming days which have caught their eye from over 30 leagues worldwide.

Practice Makes Profit

Practice can help you win big in the long-term.

Start small, both in terms of stake and match. A good betting tip is to learn from losses as much as wins.

Manage Bankroll

To win for the long-term, starting out on the right foot is obviously a good way to start. Managing your bankroll properly is the way to do this.

The key is to ensure you don’t lose a considerably large percentage of your bankroll. Sometimes, the best betters know when not to bet.

Follow Top Tipsters

Particularly if new to the world of betting, following top betters can help you win in the long-run.

You’ll be able to see the areas where these punters have had the most success, and use this success for your own.

Copy Top Tipsters

Alternatively, why not take this one step further? There’s no formula for how to always win in football betting. However, copying top tipster bets can be a good place to start. These people know what they’re doing.

Copying successful punters is a football betting system that works. Why? They’ll have a tried and tested strategy that works – and will have looked into the necessary stats.

Find the Right Betting Site

There are many good betting sites out there. Each bookmaker has their pros and cons, so you need to weigh up which one best suits you. Consider a number of factors, from the ease of sign-up to payment options.

What are you looking for? Look at things from your individual situation.

Take Advantage of Bet Offers

The professionals never let an online betting offer pass them by. Some deals are only available for new customers, but not all of them.

Take advantage of:

These offers all have the ability to multiply a punters winnings and enhance the bets made. Why not use them?

Use a Football Accumulator

The professionals know how to make the most money possible. One way to do this is to place more than one bet.

A football accumulator allows you do exactly that. Our Acca Smacker is a builder, tracker and calculator all rolled up into one. It allows members to place bets across multiple betting markets, calculating possible returns in real time.

Getting started couldn’t be easier. Simply add your selections and you’re ready to go. Time to begin your winning streak…

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