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How to Bet Intelligently – The Smart Betting Guide

By Ashley Salek - Jun 11th 2022

Sports betting can be one of the best ways to have fun while pocketing a profit in the process.

But, there’s a bit more to it than that. It’s important to make sure you’re betting smart at the same time.

Unsure how that’s done? There are some tips and tricks of the trade you should know about.

Here’s a look at how to know you’re betting intelligently.

Bet On Markets and Teams You Know About

When it comes to betting on a sporting event, knowledge is king. Take the time to do your research, studying form and historical performances of any team you’re considering backing. There’s no upper limit here – the more you know, the better.

If you want profitable football betting, you need to apply a little strategic thinking. Every betting market has its intricacies, and every team performs differently within it. A team winning regularly could still be a poor pick in the win to nil market if they rarely keep a clean sheet.

In Kickoffs football predictions pages you’ll find teams with streaks of form in every betting market. This can be a great place to start, highlighting sides consistently delivering over 2.5 goals in their matches, for example.

Never bet on a sport or game you don’t understand. If you do, your chances of winning will undoubtedly decrease.

If in-depth research isn’t your thing, then play to your strengths. Perhaps you have a good knowledge of the both teams to score (or BTTS as some call it) market and the BTTS meaning. Or, maybe you’ve been closely following Premier League matches and know them inside out. Whatever it is, use it to your advantage.

How to Bet Intelligently - The Smart Betting Guide

WDW (1X2) is the most common football market bet on

Don’t Back Your Own Team

Betting intelligently means using your head, not your heart. Emotions have no place where placing a bet is concerned. A die-hard West Ham is not going to be a clear-headed call on whether they’re going to beat Tottenham this weekend, no matter how much research they put in.

Clearly we’re not suggesting you should bet against your team either. Many would consider that tantamount to treason. Instead, avoid betting on their matches altogether.

There’s always a smarter bet to be found elsewhere in La Liga, or the Bundesliga, or another competition you have less emotional investment in.

A little impartiality can go a long way. Clouded decisions are usually unlikely to be profitable and can leave you out of pocket.

Check Form Stats

Here we’re talking about the absolute minimum level of research you should be putting in. Don’t be fooled by reputations and league positions. Check how the team you’re back has actually performed of late!

Big names like Real Madrid can sound like a sure bet, but can let you down if they’re having a torrid run of form. Nothing is fixed in football.

Look at all the stats to help you make informed betting choices, including:

  • Home/away record
  • Attacking statistics
  • Defence statistics
  • Current form
  • Match history

It’s impossible to guarantee winning bets – football is simply too unpredictable. However, doing your research can give you the best chance of success. Take advantage of all available free football tips and predictions to help you along the way.

Look at What’s Changed Since Previous Outings Between Teams

Take a close look at the two teams before parting with your cash. Maybe Manchester United’s record at Leeds is fantastic, but they’re an entirely different proposition compared to the last time their rivals were in the Premier League.

Timescales are important here. How long ago was that last meeting? Have there been any major transfers or managerial changes since?

Take a look at how they’ve performed against teams of a similar level this season and make note. All of these things should heavily influence your decision on who or what to back.

Where is the Match Being Played?

Places like Anfield are renowned around the world as fortresses, making it extremely difficult for other teams to come in and secure a winning result.

Home teams are statistically far more likely to win anyway, and some teams simply adore performing in-front of their own fans.

How to Bet Intelligently - The Smart Betting Guide

According to Real Madrid have the record for time unbeaten at home. They didn’t lose at The Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in 121 matches, spanning over 8 years from Feb 1957-March 1965

How Do Your Odds Stack Up?

You should always look at value, particularly when it comes to finding the best way to bet on football accumulators.

Are you adding games to your acca which don’t actually offer much to increase your odds? If so, reconsider your betting strategy.

Use football accumulator tips to help you build a strong acca.

Don’t Bet On the Early Kick Off

Are you sure you want to bet on the early kick off?

Nothing is set in stone in football – so there are no guarantees. If you back the early kick off and the worst happens, your bet is done before it fully got started.

What Competition is Being Played?

Teams perform better in different matches. For example, early FA/League Cup games may see big teams playing their reserve players. This makes matches against lower teams a more even battle than you may initially think.

Again, research is key.

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