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What Does ‘btts’ Mean in Betting?

By Sasha Isaacs - May 15th 2022

BTTS simply means both teams to score. This is a market that exists predominantly in football, due to the fact it’s such a low scoring sport, with the chance of one of the teams not scoring relatively high.

What Does BTTS mean?

If you select BTTS: Yes and both teams score one goal or more, you will win your bet. If you select BTTS: No and one or both teams fail to score, you win.

BTTS is an exciting and popular bet because it keeps the punter interested and engaged in a match even if the result is already guaranteed, as opposed to other markets. For example, if the home side are 3-0 up after 70 minutes of play and you’ve bet on both teams to score, this market keeps you engaged until the final whistle is blown. Additionally, if there’s a fast start to the match, your bet could be won in minutes.

It’s important to note that as with the Win Draw Win market, BTTS bets are only valid inside normal time, unless specified. For instance, if the referee blows the final whistle in an FA Cup match with the score at 0-0, but the final score at the end of extra time is 1-1, BTTS: Yes would still be a loser.

You may also be wondering if own goals count towards BTTS and the answer is, ordinarily, yes. However, some individual bookies may set their own rules, so be careful.

Is BTTS A Good Bet?

The concept behind this market is simple, which is of course a good thing. All you need to predict is whether both teams will score in one match.

This wager has obvious benefits over other popular markets such as Half time/Full time and Win Draw Win, as all you need to worry about is both teams scoring, or not, throughout the duration of the game. It’s also a great market to pick when you have two teams that are evenly matched and you’re struggling to find a winner, so picking goal bets could be more fruitful and enjoyable.

How To Win A BTTS Bet

This is the big question, with an infinite number of answers. Ultimately, as with much of football betting, it comes down to how much research you do and how well read you are on the topic.

If you don’t have the time for this, worry not, as our expert writers at KickOff give their tips on matches in the coming days which have caught their eye. There’s also a huge amount of information on our website which will inform you as to what may happen, in this market and many others.

Our tipsters will spend time looking at the current form of both teams, as well as past head-to-head meetings between the sides. They will notice and inform our members of anything of interest, seeing if there are any peculiar patterns which could indicate whether both teams will score or not.

When doing this research, it’s also worth taking into account new managerial appointments, new players, or injuries to any players which may change how a team plays.

In the five seasons between 2016-17 to 2020-21, both teams scored in 50.3% of Premier League matches

Different BTTS Markets

There are many different variations of BTTS bets in addition to simply betting whether both teams will score throughout the duration of the match. Some of these are listed below:

  • BTTS & X to win: whether both teams will score, and the listed team will win the match. The odds for such predictions will vary according to the odds that the teams are to win the match, as well as the odds of BTTS.
  • BTTS in the first half: whether both teams will score in the first half. As this bet is settled after half the playing time of the full match, the odds for BTTS in the first half will be considerably higher than the odds for BTTS in the whole 90 (plus injury time).
  • BTTS in the second half: whether both teams will score in the second half. For example, if a match is 1-1 at half time and the final score is 2-1, that means only one team has scored in the second half.
  • BTTS & over 2.5 Goals: whether both teams will score and there will be at least three goals in the match. This BTTS market is a combination of the two most popular football bets; BTTS and over/under. This bet will be won if the final score is 2-1, 3-1, 2-2 etc, but not if the result is 3-0, as although there are over 2.5 goals, both teams have not scored.

Written by Sasha Isaacs for kickoff.co.uk

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