Correct score betting system – the complete guide action

Correct Score Betting System – The Complete Guide

By Ashley Salek - Jun 17th 2022

The correct score system is one of the most popular markets in football betting.

Depending on the game itself, you can find some lucrative odds in this market.

However, if it’s long-term winnings you’re looking for, a good understanding is a must. So, here’s a guide to correct score betting.

What is Correct Score?

The correct score market is an easy one to get your head around. It does exactly what it says on the tin.

A better must predict what will be the final result of a selected match. If correct, winnings are won.

As with the majority of bets in football, this market runs for the full 90 minutes unless specified by the bookmaker, meaning that extra time is not included.

The graph above, found on, shows the most common scorelines in a selection of matches from Europe’s top 5 Leagues, which are:

Different Types

While full time bets are the most popular, sometimes punters are able to bet at half time also. In addition to this, it’s also possible to bet on specific intervals, such as 10 minutes.

Many betters also choose to place a scorecast bet. This means betters must predict the correct score, as well as the first goalscorer, for example.

In play betting can also make betting during extra time possible.

However, this depends entirely on the chosen bookmaker.

Why Place a Correct Score Bet?

This is a highly popular and competitive market, offered by most bookies and found in most games. It can also be a very exciting one.

It generally carries greater potential winnings than that of markets like anytime goalscorer.

Typical Odds

Betting intelligently requires a good understanding of where your money is going.

Odds vary widely depending on the game, bookmaker to bookmaker. Sometimes, they can be incredibly attractive, but it’s important to remember that the more people bet, the odds decrease.

What are the Rules?

Some general rules for this market are:

  • Own goals count
  • Abandoned games for full time bets should be refunded
  • Extra time is ordinarily not included

Different Strategies

This can be one of the most profitable betting markets in football, if applying a good strategy. Here are some of the different options available:

1-0 Score

1-0 is the most likely outcome of a football match, so can be a good way to go when it comes to a correct score bet.

Play the Long Game

Bear in mind that a 1-0 score can mean your time in the game is shorter. Should the deadlock be broken inside the first 10 minutes of a selected match, there would be 80 minutes minimum for the better to worry about another goal being scored. Who scores would be irrelevant, your bet would be over very quickly.

Some punters choose to go 2-1, or even 1-1, to keep them in the game longer and make their bet more exciting.

Avoid 0-0

Remember, own goals count in correct score. In a market like no goalscorer, they don’t. So, why would you choose the correct score market for a 0-0 football prediction?

Correct Score Betting System - The Complete Guide

According to, 5.79% of Premier League matches played in the 2021/22 season ended 0-0.

Build an Accumulator

Accumulators (or ACCA and some call them) can help ensure you win big, so use them to your advantage! A correct score bet can be a great addition to an accumulator, as they often have favourable odds.

Use football accumulator tips to help point you in the right direction. Plus, for those worried about one leg of their acca letting them down, there’s acca insurance.

Betting Tips for the Correct Score Market

Free football tips can help give you the best chance of success. Before you place a bet, here’s some advice:

Take Advantage of Free Bets & Offers

Why not take every opportunity to make money at the bookies’ expense? Free bets allow you to make money while spending less. While sometimes only available for new customers, they’re offered by the best betting sites out there.

Enhanced odds are another way to maximise your potential winnings.

Look at Form, History & Stats

This tip can be applied to every bet you place, regardless of market, however it’s very real here. Research is key. Look closely at everything from home/away stats to current form.

You should also pay attention to the latest match updates, such as any transfers or managerial changes.

Use Football Tipsters

The best football tipsters can help you win. Track, follow and copy their bets to allow you to piggyback off of their success.

Knowing when to trust a tipster is key, but many punters have had success following others.

Become a Pro

One of the best football tips?

Pro members get a winning edge and who doesn’t like the sound of that? Register with KickOff to unlock a number of benefits, such as unlimited access to our tips and predictions.

You’ll also get the chance to follow our tipsters.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’ve got a better understanding of the correct score system, why wait any longer? Time to start placing some bets.

To help you, follow our correct score tips and football predictions. These can give you the best chance of making long-term profits.

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