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Tipster Advice: Which Betting Tips Should You Trust?

By Ashley Salek - Nov 15th 2019

Not all betting tips were made equal. Some are more trustworthy than others.

The only problem is – how can you tell the difference?

Pick your predictions wisely. Here’s a look at the questions you should ask yourself when deciding which football betting tips you should trust.

Do They Pay Attention to Data & Statistics?

Betting intelligently requires punters to look at the stats around a particular game before parting with their cash. This includes home/away history, current form and how many clean sheets a team has kept.

One of the biggest betting mistakes a bettor can make is to go in blind, ignoring all statistics.

Of course, this means any predictions you follow to help you place a bet should also pay attention to the data. Without this, it’s unlikely they can be trusted.

While there are no promises a betting tip will go your way every time, the stats can help give you the best possible chance.

What’s the Site’s Reputation?

Ensure you choose a reputable site and look at what others are saying.

Reputation gives you a lot to go by; if credibility is low, this can give you a good indication of whether or not to trust the football tips.

Is There a Tipster Leaderboard?

Trusting a football tipster can help you piggyback off of their success. However, how much success are they having on a particular betting site?

All tipsters should be ranked in a leaderboard, allowing you to see how much they’ve won and in which markets. This can also help you choose the best tipster for your football bets.

Without this, how will you know how well the community is performing?

What Betting Market is the Tip For?

Free football tips can be found across a wide variety of betting markets. So, it’s important not just to look at the prediction alone.

Are the tips market-specific, or general?

The tips you follow shouldn’t be the same across all markets, and if they are, this should be a red flag. Where the game is played, who’s playing and team information (such as transfers) should make every tip unique.

Also, how well do you know the market? Playing to your own strengths can give you the best chance of making a profit.

Are They Updated Regularly?

Are the tips updated regularly? Football is an ever-changing game that means staying up to date is essential.

Following tips from games that have already happened, or based on past stats, simply won’t help you achieve the winnings you’re looking for.

Ideally, you should choose tips updated weekly and daily.

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