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89%42 of 47 won
93%26 of 28 won
86%32 of 37 won
88%45 of 51 won
94%29 of 31 won
91%40 of 44 won
85%188 of 222 won
85%101 of 119 won
100%18 of 18 won
100%11 of 11 won

Predicting over/under 1.5 goals is tricky. At first glance a couple of goals doesn’t seem like many, right? But around 8% of English Premier League games finish 0-0, and another 18% finish with one goal on the scoresheet. That means roughly 26% of games finish with under 1.5 goals. So what do you need to be successful betting on over/under 1.5 goals? You need the best possible information, and you need top over/under 1.5 goals tipsters with a proven track record. That’s where we come in.

How do we rank our top over/under 1.5 goals tipsters?

We rank our top over/under 1.5 goals tipsters by profit so you can quickly see at a glance who the most successful bettors are and who you want to copy. When we’re calculating the profit shown on this page we only take into account over/under 1.5 goals bets from our tipsters. We stake each of these tips with £50 and calculate the profit from there. This means the tipsters shown here are specialists in over/under 1.5 goals and have a proven track record of generating profit in this market.

Where else can I find top over/under 1.5 goals tips?

We post some of our favourite tips from the top over/under 1.5 goals tipsters on our Facebook and Twitter pages so make sure you’re following those. We’ve also got a Facebook Group - KickOff Betting Tips and Discussion - where many of our top over/under 1.5 goals tipsters post, ask questions, and explain their tips.

Can I become a top over/under 1.5 goals tipster?

At KickOff, we don’t just rank our top over/under 1.5 tipsters and leave them to it. The whole point is that we provide you the best possible information to make your own tips. You can use this information to become a top over/under 1.5 goals tipster yourself, and if you manage to make it to the top of our leaderboard at the end of the season there’s a £500 prize. There are also £200 and £100 prizes for 2nd and 3rd respectively. Could it be you?