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Predicting the exact full time result is one of the toughest bets to win in football. Here you’ll find the best correct score tipsters, ranked by how much profit they’ve made on correct score tips this season.

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29%2 of 7 won
15%21 of 143 won
22%2 of 9 won
22%2 of 9 won
19%3 of 16 won
13%1 of 8 won
5%2 of 37 won
21%12 of 56 won
13%2 of 15 won
15%3 of 20 won
67%4 of 6 won
14%2 of 14 won
27%8 of 30 won
12%10 of 82 won
38%3 of 8 won
9%1 of 11 won
4%1 of 23 won
8%1 of 13 won
50%5 of 10 won
18%11 of 62 won

Correct score is a fantastic market, offering tasty odds and intrigue throughout a match. Goals can go in at any time, and that’s what makes it exciting. As a result, our top tipsters try their luck week in, week out.

We’ve listed those top tipsters above, giving access to their correct score betting tips and laying out their past performance for all to see. There’s total transparency, and only those with truly impressive records will rise to the top. If you manage it, the glory is yours.

Competition will be fierce, but do you have what it takes to claim the top spot?

What is a correct score bet?

A correct score bet is a bet placed on the exact scoreline of a match at the end of normal time. All possible outcomes, from 0-0 upwards, are listed and it’s up to you, the tipster, to decide what you think the final score will be.

Goals scored in injury or stoppage time are always included, while those scored in extra time during cup matches are not. It’s a simple market with big odds on offer and rules that are easy to understand so, naturally, KickOff’s top tipsters are big fans.

Correct score predictions explained

Think back to the last time you saw thunderbolt goal out of the blue, or last-minute consolation from a team well beaten, and you’ll see why the correct score market is a tricky one to predict. There are so many variables, and goals can come from anywhere at any time. As the old adage goes, it ain’t over ’till it’s over.

Yet, as is the case with all betting markets, there are many statistical markers which point to a certain outcome. Analysing a team’s scoring patterns over time can hint at what they may do next. We take all of that and more into account, churn the numbers and generating our algorithmic correct score predictions. The probability of an outcome is delivered, and the rest is up to you.

Finding the best correct score tipsters to follow

With the table above, we hope that we’ve done the hard work for you when it comes to finding correct score tips from the best tipsters around. Those at the top are there for a reason, after all. Yet the correct score market is a different beast than others and should be analysed accordingly.

A market like over/under 1.5 goals only has two possible outcomes (over or under), and this is reflected in the odds. A very high strike rate is required for a tipster to turn a profit, so that may be a key signifier in finding a tipster to follow.

The correct score market is different. There are dozens of possible outcomes, from a 0-0 bore draw to an 8-1 thrashing and everything in-between, and again this is reflected in the odds. A tipster with a 15% strike rate can still turn a healthy profit. So, be sure to take profit, yield and strike rate into account when selecting a tipster to follow. Each statistic is important and provides context for the others.

How to choose the right score

As is the case with all betting markets, there is no sure-fire way to win in the correct score market. It’s called gambling for a reason. That being said, we believe KickOff’s unique tools can be used to make score predictions with more confidence.

Our algorithmic predictions are a good starting point, giving a percentage chance of each outcome in a particular match. These don’t get too high in the correct score market, but they do offer a good guide as to what is more or less likely.

Form is also a good indicator, and we offer an in-depth analysis of every team’s in most of Europe’s biggest competitions. A defensive team that has been struggling to score at home, for example, is unlikely to record a 5-0 win regardless of how poor their opponent may be.

These tools can help you to find the right score, and following betting tips for correct score from fellow tipsters is always a strong option too. Ultimately, the call is yours.

How do we rank our correct score tipsters?

By default, we order our correct score tipsters by their profit. Each tip saved on KickOff is attributed a £50 stake and, after completion, the profit or loss from those tips is combined to create an overall ‘profit’. The bigger that number, the higher you’re placed in the table.

Users can also reorder tipsters by their yield, and this is particularly interesting in the correct score market. Yield is the percentage difference between the combined stake of a tipster’s tips and their overall profit. A £50 stake with a £50 profit equals a 100% yield. Having the best yield may not guarantee top spot, but it certainly makes a tipster well worth following.