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71%53 of 75 won
73%38 of 52 won
63%88 of 139 won
82%14 of 17 won
68%36 of 53 won
72%13 of 18 won
67%52 of 78 won
65%45 of 69 won
66%19 of 29 won
80%4 of 5 won
61%20 of 33 won
57%114 of 200 won
65%42 of 65 won
65%53 of 81 won
75%27 of 36 won
61%27 of 44 won
78%18 of 23 won
73%37 of 51 won
85%11 of 13 won
63%36 of 57 won

Modern football is made for the both teams to score market. The ever-increasing professionalism of the game means that each minute is a battle, and goals can fly in from the first to the last. “It Ain’t Over ’til It’s Over”, Lenny Kravitz once said, and that song might as well have been about the beautiful game today.

All of this means that the both teams to score market stays open for the duration of the 90 minutes, and the excitement carries on with it. Only the referee’s final whistle can confirm a losing bet, and hope remains until that moment. With enticing odds also on offer, our top tipsters flock to this market week in, week out.

What is a BTTS bet?

One of the both teams to score market’s other selling points is its simplicity. You would be hard-pushed to find a market that’s easier to understand, as the clue is in the name. You’re betting on both teams in a single match to score at least one goal during the standard 90 minutes plus stoppage time. If they both manage to do so, you’re a winner. And if they both manage to score more than one goal, you’re a very comfortable winner indeed.

Just one team finding the back of the net while the other fails is, unfortunately, a losing bet. And a 0-0 draw, well, that’s not only a disappointing spectacle but a losing bet too.

Is BTTS a good bet?

The idea that there can be a “good bet” and a “bad bet” is somewhat flawed. All the research and smart selections in the world can be undone by a moment of madness on the pitch, while a total punt can, on occasion, deliver big winners. Is one of these a “good bet” and the other a “band bet”? It’s tough to say.

What we recommend is smart betting. Take your time, do your research, use the numerous betting tools KickOff has to offer and make your selections with sound reasoning. There are inherent risks which come with betting on any market, and both teams to score is no different, but we firmly believe this will put you in a stronger position.

Betting is a trade off between risk and reward in betting, as much of life is. From this point of view, it’s worth noting that the rewards can be plentiful in the BTTS market. The odds are generally pretty generous, so a few smart selections can accumulate to a very nice return indeed.

How to find BTTS tips?

If you’re reading this text, you’re in the right place for both teams to score tips. KickOff’s tipsters are some of the best-informed around, taking advantage of bespoke statistical insight for every single market and delivering smart tips on a daily basis.

The table above shows all of our most successful BTTS tipsters, along with their entire betting history and their latest tips. You can find tipsters you trust, and copy their latest tips. If you’re looking to benefit from the expertise of a top tipster’s BTTS predictions, there really is no better place to do it.

How are our both teams to score tipsters ranked?

We use three metrics to rank our tipsters – yield, profit and strike rate. Each gives a slightly different angle on the performance of a tipster, and combined they deliver the whole picture.

A tipster’s strike rate is the percentage of their tips that have won. 9 wins from 10 tips = a 90% strike rate, and so on.

Each of these tips is allocated a £50 stake, so that we can compare tipsters more accurately. Their “profit” is therefore a “level stakes profit”, and is calculated on the returns from a £50 bet on each tip placed individually.

And finally, the yield is the percentage difference between total stake placed, and total amount returned. A £50 stake with a £50 profit equals a 100% yield.

Can you place a BTTS accumulator?

Absolutely! All major UK bookmakers accept BTTS accumulators, and they can be saved on KickOff too. Many of our top tipsters use this approach, and you can find all of those BTTS tips today on our Live Tips page.