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42%19 of 45 won
50%577 of 1163 won
35%17 of 49 won
44%18 of 41 won
38%5 of 13 won
41%9 of 22 won
65%709 of 1088 won
60%531 of 879 won
70%197 of 283 won
58%79 of 136 won
62%297 of 477 won
63%91 of 144 won
73%58 of 80 won
46%66 of 145 won
71%192 of 272 won
66%162 of 245 won
61%170 of 278 won
69%248 of 359 won
63%299 of 471 won
70%253 of 360 won

Win/draw/win is one of the most popular betting markets around, and for obvious reason. Football is all about outscoring your opponent to secure 3 points or cup qualification, and football fandom is all about the glory of victory. With win/draw/win you’re betting on who will come out on top in a match, and our tipsters love it. So much so, in fact, that they’ve put in the time, done their research and become pretty damn successful.

How does win/draw/win work?

As betting markets go, win/draw/win is probably the easiest to understand. It’s the match’s final outcome that you’re betting on, and we use the term “win/draw/win” because there are three options to choose from – a home win, a draw or an away win.

Simply select the match you wish to bet on, dive into the vast array of supporting statistics on offer, and decide what you think the final result will be. That right there is your win/draw/win tip. If the final result matches your tip at the end of the 90 minutes (plus stoppage time), you’re a winner.

Why I should follow the best Win Draw Win tipsters?

In any walk of life, it’s smart to take a lead from those with a proven track record of success. They’ve put in the hard yards, and they’ve come out on top, so their insight can be invaluable. Football betting is no different.

The most successful tipsters are often those who have honed their knowledge and approach over time. Specialising on a particular league or team is common, as is a tipster who exclusively makes win/draw/win predictions.

We provide our tipsters’ full historical record so that you can follow bettors you trust. Maybe you’ve spotted a pattern in their winners, or maybe their yield is just out of this world. Either way, the most important thing is that you’re able to bet smartly and with confidence. While winning is never guaranteed, following the best win/draw/win tipsters can help you make better decisions.

What should I be picking?

Tipsters pick their tips for many different reasons, and there is no single route to guaranteed success. If there was, we’d all be millionaires! However, while we can’t tell you exactly what you should be picking, we firmly believe in smart, considered betting, and endeavour to give you the very best tools to do exactly that.

The algorithmic predictions on our win/draw/win market page are a good place to start, and the supporting statistics in the expanding areas provide even more insight. Combining these with your own knowledge should go a long way to helping you make your picks but, ultimately, the decision is yours.

How do I enter?

Every time you save a bet on the result of a match on KickOff, your tip will automatically appear in the leaderboard above. The more you get right, the more your profit and yield will grow, and the closer you’ll get to glory.

Only registered KickOff users can save bets, or copy live bets saved by others, so you’ll have to sign up if you’re not already a member. It’s quick, easy and can be done right here >.

What other betting markets do our tipsters offer betting tips on?

KickOff users have the choice of 18 major betting markets to choose from, with algorithmic predictions and supporting statistics provided for every single one. Correct score, both teams to score and over/under 1.5 goals are some of the most popular, but you’ll find tips and tipsters for each and every one of them.