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Streak Wager Leader Board: Who’s on Top?

Welcome to the Streak Wager leaderboard!

We track and rank the progress and profits of every Streak Wager player. When you register for a KickOff Pro account, you can analyse the top players on our leaderboard and see what they’re betting on - this gives you easy access to betting tips, and if you take the time to research and make decisions using our unique football predictions algorithm, you may just increase your chances of a winning streak!

Our leaderboard shows bettors usernames, their streak so far, markets they have bet on and profits. 

Don’t forget to sign in and register to participate in our ‘Free to play football betting game’ and why not check out our pro membership to gain access to the full range of all KickOff’s betting tips. You’ll be able to ‘follow’ some of your favourite winning tipsters and you will receive email alerts when they place a new bet, you can even choose to copy part or all of their bet.

What is a Streak?

A streak is when you win a certain amount of bets in a row, with no losses in between. For example, to win £100,000 you must have a streak of 30 winning bets. This means all winning bets must be won consecutively, any losses means you will have to start your streak again. 

What Does the Market Column Show?

The ‘Market’ column shows how many and which different markets that bettor has placed a wager on. Your streak must contain bets from at least 10 different markets, they are:

  1. Win/Draw/Win - the most popular
  2. Double Chance
  3. Both Teams to Score
  4. Half Time/Full Time
  5. Over/Under 1.5 Goals
  6. Over/Under 2.5 Goals
  7. Over/Under 3.5 Goals
  8. Draw No Bet
  9. Anytime Goal Scorer
  10. First Team to Score


As well as their current streak and the number of markets they have placed a bet on, you can also see the amount of profit each bettor has accrued so far. 

How to See a Bettor’s Existing Record

To access betting history for any players currently on the Streak Wager leaderboard, you will need to register for an account. After you have registered, click on any username on the board and you will be able to view their betting history and any previous wins. If you want to see the users live bets you will need to become a pro

What Are the Top Tipsters Betting On?

Want to increase your chances of winning bets the easy way? Our top tipsters can help with that! 

Registering to KickOff grants you access to some of the best football tipsters. Our football punterboard ranks tipsters in the KickOff betting community and lets you analyse their performance based on their number of wins, their profits and yield. If any bettor catches your eye, you can copy their full bet or part of their bet in just a few clicks - All you need is a Pro account.

Streak Wager: FAQ?

When can I start Streak Wager

You can enter the game on any day there are matches being played. You must register and can immediately make a bet to start your winning streak.

Can I play with multiple accounts?

Strictly one entry per person. If a player has more than one account, all streaks will be voided and the player will be banned.

What Happens When My Streak Ends?

You can start a new streak straightaway. The game runs all year round and you can make a new bet every day.

Can I Make More Than One Streak Bet At A Time?

You can only have one live streak bet at a time on any given day. You can only make bets from today’s games.

Can I Make A Bet At Odds Less Than 1.8

No, the minimum requirement is odds of 1.8, but you can choose any number of selections from all markets to reach the minimum odds.

What Do You Mean By 10 Different Markets?

Your winning steak must include selections from these 10 markets in your 30 game winning streak. 1. Win/draw/win, 2. Double chance, 3. Both Teams to score, 4. Half Time/Fulltime,
5. Over/under 1.5 goals, 6. Over/under 2.5 goals, 7. Over/under 3.5 goals , 8. draw no bet,
9. Anytime goal scorer, 10. First team to score

My Selection Today Was Postponed Does My Streak End?

If a match is postponed and you bet does not meet the minimum odds of 1.8 then the bet is voided.

My Bet Is Marked As A Push

If your bet is marked as a push it does not end your steak

Will My Current Streak End If I Don't Make A Pick?

You must make a bet from the moment that your last bet was validated as a win, loss or push, you have 30 days to make a new selection or your score will be reset to zero.